ongestion Charging

Unfair and Corrupt! Congestion charging is an unfair and corrupt system! Why? Because it allows people with money more freedom to move around whilst at the same time penalizes people who are not so well off and prevents them from having the same privilege. It therefore does not treat all people in an equal manner and gives considerable advantage to the already advantaged. Society is already corrupt enough with its two-tier systems and its allocation of resources and facilities, we do not want the same corrupt mentality affecting our roads and transport systems.

Better and Fairer Options: Finding an extra £5.00 a day (now £11.50 as of 2015) to enable one to go about one's daily affairs is a big deal to many people, and they do not have that kind of additional disposable income, where as to others it is nothing. There are other ways to deal with congestion that are better and more uniform in their effect and do not display the negative elements of congestion charging. Such as reducing the need to travel, expediting the flow of traffic by scrapping retrogressive traffic schemes and reducing the density of population in any given area by spreading people out a bit, instead of trying to cram them all into one place.

Money! Money! Money! However, Mr Livingstone's idea of bringing more business into the London area now that congestion charging has freed up room on the roads somewhat defeats the object doesn't it! As our public transport systems are also straining and unable to cope, it makes you wonder where the logic is. It does appear sometimes that we are too busy thinking about pound notes and not busy enough thinking about people's lives and well-being. No change there then Mr Livingstone!