Traffic Scheme Analysis Programme


Coming up the slip road from the A2 there no left turn at the junction into Riefield Road. Motorists either have to break the law to access this route or turn right and then try and reverse turn around a side road. There is also now no direct access to the crematorium and visitors now have to go right around the block, a detour of just over a mile and a considerable inconvenience. A definite thumbs down on both counts!

No left turn when coming off of the A2 to get to Avery Hill, Eltham, and Eltham Cremataurium.

Riefield Way: No left turn for vehicles leaving the A2.
Judgement: When coming off of the A2, some people ignore this ridiculous restrictions and turn left anyway, some people abide and then have to try and do an impractical U turn. We all get frustrated at local authorities making life difficult for us. After all, that is not why we employ them! Unnecessary inconvenience and a waste of our time! Stupid beyond belief and a definite thumbs down.