Traffic Scheme Analysis Programme

Making Life More Difficult!

As local authorities spend public money on traffic schemes that make life more difficult for the motorist and are green unfriendly because they waste time, compound congestion and pollution, we ask what the reasons are...

Over the years local authorities have implemented high numbers of traffic schemes that people feel are unhelpful, unnecessary and badly motivated. Such schemes cost considerable amounts of public money and cause considerable disruption during their installation. It should be seen that any time local authorities spend considerable sums of money on traffic schemes that the end result yields an improvement, however, this is often not seen to be the case. Such schemes often cause problems that were not there before and are green unfriendly, compounding congestion, pollution and the wasting of people's time. Some are positively dangerous. There is currently no watchdog to keep an eye on what local authorities do and there is also no comeback when they screw up. The public can then be stuck with the undesirable result for many years to come, even indefinitely. Local authorities do not consult the people sufficiently and they do not listen when people try and point things out. We believe the public should have much more say in where their money goes and how it is spent, especially when we see what they do and feel disgusted with the outcome. However, it may help to know where our local authorities are coming from at such times so let's see what they've got to say! We can then judge for ourselves! So far, we're not impressed!

Northend Road jw Bridge Road, Erith (TfL & Bexley Council)
Junction modification installation of traffic lighting
In 2001 we wrote to Bexley Council requesting a roundabout at this junction to aid access and serve the thousands of people who live and work in Slade Green. In 2016 we still had no roundabout but instead they installed a ridiculous traffic lighting system. We still can't turn into Slade Green and getting in and out now takes even longer.

Northend Road jw Colyers Lane, Erith (TfL & Bexley Council)
Junction modification installation of traffic lighting
The installation of this scheme and the one above at Bridge Road caused massive inconvenience for months on end while the works were done. The dual carriageway was operating on one lane only and the congestion was severe as a result. Traffic build up and congestion in Colyers Lane is now more severe. Another backward step.

Ruxley Corner, Sidcup (Bexley Council)
Kerb Extension Ruxley Roundabout jw Maidstone Road
Bexley Council have built the kerb out to the point where it is very awkward for vehicles to turn left as, due to the acute angle, they virtually have to turn back on themselves. The original kerb and junction arrangement was perfectly ok as far as the motorist was concerned and did not cause any problems, unlike the new arrangement.

Appold Street, Erith (Bexley Council)
Access blocked to Morrisons, Abbey Breakers and Erith Town Centre
At times, Manor Road gets very heavily congested. Residents from Slade Green, trying to get to and from Morrisons or Erith town centre, could greatly benefit from being able to access the facilities via Appold Street, as we used to be able to. The blocking of this road is not helpful and considerably compounds congestion and pollution in Manor Road.

Thomas Road, Crayford (Bexley Council)
Access Blocked One Way to Kennet Road
Access blocked one way, unable to access RnB Star and the other businesses here from Optima Park without having to go back out onto Thames Road and back in again via the other end of Kennet Road. Some people simply ignore this restriction because it is nonsensical and an unnecessary inconvenience.

Howbury Lane, Slade Green (Bexley Council)
Priority Give Way Scheme
This scheme has been stopping traffic unnecessarily and causing problems for motorists for many years. When Bexley Council were proposing its introduction, we wrote to them and asked would it not be better to put the money towards a roundabout at the end of Bridge Road, something we have been asking for since 2001 and still don't have.

Riefield Road, Eltham (Greenwich Council)
No left turn from A2 slip road. Blocked access to crematorium from slip road
This has been a bug bear for motorists for many years. Riefield road is a prime access route for Eltham and surrounding area and congestion overflow route, helping to relieve the traffic build up in Blackfen. However, for some reason, yet to be revealed, Greenwich Council have implemented a no left turn from the A2 slip road exit.

Riefield Road, Eltham (Greenwich Council)
No left right onto A2 slip road southbound
Likewise, as above, this has also inconvenienced motorists for many years, preventing vehicles from accessing the A2 if they come back along Riefield Road with the implementation of a no right turn onto the slip road. Currently vehicles have to try and do an impractical turn around the Falconwood shops to get access to the A2.