Positive Hazard! What is it about kerbstones nowadays? They seem to be creeping out into the roads in all sorts of places. Pavements appear to be sprouting appendages that jut into the road, like a hardening of the arteries, restricting the road width, adding to congestion by forcing traffic to have to stop and start, stop and start, etc. These creeping kerbstones are, at the least, an inconvenience and an unnecessary waste of taxpayer's money and, at worst, a positive hazard and danger to unsuspecting motorists. What I would like to know is who dreams up the ludicrous traffic management schemes that the rest of us have to put up with and presumably pay for out of our excruciatingly high and obscene taxes?

If It Ain't Broke... When council officials decide to spend public money on changing a traffic scheme, one would think that the idea would be to improve things and make it better. However, this does not appear to be the case and, in many instances, the Councils seem to be making things worse. They seem to be very talented at taking schemes that were working perfectly well and messing them up completely. If a scheme does not improve traffic flow, what is the point in doing it? Especially in today's day and age. What a waste of money and inconvenience to the rest of us.

What A Waste! Who is responsible for such bad judgements? And why are they not accountable to the people that they are making pay for it? After all, if you spend money on your home to improve it you would expect an improvement and if you didn't get it you would be justifiably angry at the builders for having wasted you money, wouldn't you. So, why do the council think it is alright to come along and waste money on messing up the roads, adding to the congestion that the rest of have to put up with?

Let It Flow! Surely the idea of efficient traffic management is to allow traffic to flow smoothly, not keep forcing it to stop unnecessarily by creating bottlenecks and inefficient junction management schemes.

Get Rid! The Crosstalk Foundation is actively calling for the eradication and removal of any appendage or obstacle that forces traffic to stop unnecessarily, when the only necessary objective, if there is one, is to slow traffic down!