Covert Speed Trapping

Below is just one example amongst many up and down the country, where people have been sneakily caught by covert camera or covert mobile camera operations and consequently fined for doing speeds such as 35mph, when it is perfectly safe to do so. This is not a safety issue, because people are driving safely and sensibly. So what is it about? Speed limits are not black and white, especially when we bring snow into the equation, or other weather conditions. People are expected to use their common sense. Surely this should be encouraged and not taken advantage of by our less than desirable and underhanded authorities behaviour! People should not be penalized for driving sensibly!

Common Sense Says Perfectly Safe! This is Perry Street, in Crayford, Kent. It is currently a 30mph speed limit, however, for the bulk of this road, it could easily be a 40mph limit. Apart from at the extremes, that is, where there are houses. However, in the bulk middle section of this road, there are no houses, no schools, and hardly ever any pedestrians. On one side you have open fields, sports' fields and a golf course, on the other side, open fields and football pitches. In the middle stretch of this major connection route, people of all ages naturally drive at speeds in excess of the 30mph limit and, of course, common sense tells them that it is perfectly safe to do so.

Perry Street in Crayford, Kent - clear road, no hazards, 30mph speed limit - prime exploitation potential

False Sense Of Security! Perry Street is sign posted with speed camera signs, however, there are currently no fixed cameras in the location and, even though the location is signposted, the absence of any permanently located fixed cameras tends to lull people into a false sense of security. What happens then is that every now and again a mobile camera unit parks up in a covert location to catch people who are exceeding the 30mph limit. In such instances people have been prosecuted for driving at as little as 35mph.

Easy Money! For a road that could quite easily stand a 40mph speed limit, it is not hard to see that this is easy money for the authorities, and another example, just as local councils exhibit with parking facilities at local shops, of under providing, knowing full well that they can catch people out and make money from them. In other words, the authorities are under-facilitating and milking the exploitable circumstances they themselves are creating. The whole ethos behind this mentality is distinctly perverse, corrupt, and immoral.

Pay Twice And Forget Points! If you do get caught 'speeding' in such circumstances, the authorities may now offer you the option of paying an additional £80.00 on top of your £60 fine, and attending a lecture on speeding, rather than having points on your licence. Obviously most people will elect to do this and are grateful for the opportunity because they understandably don't want the points. A nice little 'double' earner for the authorities whilst making people feel grateful all at the same time. Clever!

Bottomless Money Pit - Endless Victims! There are many instances of roads up and down the country where the same unscrupulous tactics are being practiced. The authorities know that they have an endless number of people they can milk on a regular basis, and because most people use their common sense whilst driving (usually fortunately), anyone can be a potential target and victim of such unscrupulous tactics. Tactics that simply exploit the weaknesses and shortfalls of our inflexible and unrealistic speed limits and archaic laws. Most drivers, in such circumstances, are not actually 'speeding', they are just breaking the speed limit! There is a difference! The fact is that if a person is not driving dangerously, they should not be penalised in the first place! It is that simple! Or should be!

Let's Be Fair And Use Common Sense! We know there are some idiots on the road, usually youngsters, and that is an unfortunate fact. However, when people in there fifties, sixties and seventies, who have been driving for decades without incident, are being penalised, and incurring penalties at such locations, one has to ask the question why? Common sense tells them one thing, as it has done for all the years they have been driving, and they have never had any problems at all. Until now that is! This is simply unfair exploitation of an inadequate, inflexible and outdated speed limiting system, and don't the authorities know it!