Who Needs It! Some idiot suggested that traffic wardens should have more powers so as to be able to do some of the job that the police usually do. However, as an alternative, this is a proposal to get rid of traffic wardens altogether and instead provide more community policemen and women. However, although this would be far more useful and agreeable to the public in everyway, it would completely expose the reason why we have so many traffic wardens in the first place, and the real motivation behind the idea to give them more powers.

Money, Money, Money! Of course, traffic wardens, or as the local authorities like to call them nowadays, parking or civil enforcement officers, make lots and lots of money for the local authorities at our expense. They are paid to run around making our lives more difficult. They are not a very welcome sight to most members of the public. They sneak about, hiding in alleys and similar, waiting for the poor unsuspecting motorist, who is trying to find somewhere to park and having the same old problem. The local authorities never ever seem to provide enough viable parking. I wonder why? Yes, in fact, the local authorities appear to be deliberately under-providing on parking in certain places, knowing full well that they can capitalize on this with their army of wardens. As soon as you've gone into the shop, even for just a couple of minutes, they pounce! Another nice little earner and easy money for them as they exploit the anomolies in our infrastructure, our population density and the problems we face as we try and go about our business. All factors controlled and manipulated by the local authorities. After all, they decide how many houses to build and how many people to cram into any one location. They decide the widths of the roads and pavements. They decide how much parking we have to make do with. They decide where to paint the yellow lines and they decide the laws and They are at best inept and inconsiderate and at worst, wholly corrupt in their thinking.

Burden On Society! I have seen vehicles sensibly parked, half on the pavement and half on the road, so as not to cause an obstruction to either pedestrian or to other road users and a traffic warden will be driving along, spot the vehicle, stop, and issue it with a ticket. For what? Doing the sensible thing? What a burden on the normal members of society the traffic warden culture is. They are a menace and a complete nuisance to the majority of the general public trying to go about their business. Afterall, if a vehicle is really causing an obstruction, the police will deal with it.

Emphasis In The Wrong Places! Saving money on traffic wardens could finance many more policemen and women, which would help to deter all sorts of 'real crime' and so truly benefit society (although how would the Councils manage without all of those crafty fines?). The rest of us can then go about our business without the threat of being targeted by the yellow peril! It has recently been announced that the authorities are proposing to give traffic wardens even more powers. The nightmare gets worse! Let's get our emphasis in the right place and instead of persecuting the innocent, tax-paying motorist, just trying to go about their business in difficult enough circumstances, lets try dealing with the real unruly elements of our society, the young teenagers and criminals who really do cause and problems and spoil it for the rest

Local Authorities' Sneaky Scam! In fact, the more you think about it, the more it becomes very clear that the local authorities run a deliberate and sneaky scam to under-provide on parking facilities in certain places, knowing that people will innevitably be challenged and caught short. They then send in their army of traffic wardens to nick the unfortunate people, who are just trying to go about their business, so as to raise more revenue for themselves. Legalised and underhanded theft on a grand scale and like taking candy from a baby!