Local Authorities Acting Irresponsibly?

Local authorities, I'm sure would like to think they are acting responsibly on our behalf. However, looking at some of the things they do, this has to be called into question as the types of traffic schemes they have been introducing and spending our money on in recent years have all been guilty of compounding the following negative and undesirable elements...

Parking problems, vehicle wear and tear, gross inconvenience, time wasting, impediment to emergency vehicles, unnecessary stopping, unnecessary stopping and starting, additional congestion, additional pollution, global warming, loss of earnings, vehicle damage, discomfort for the motorist, danger to motorcyclists, increase in death and ill-health through increased stress and pollution related illnesses!

Pollution Nightmare: As well as many of the negative factors listed above, one of the major problems with many of the schemes currently being implemented by the authorities is that they force vehicles to have to stop and start, stop and start, and stop and start unnecessarily, when the only need, if there is one, is to slow vehicles down. As well as being irritating and causing problems for the motorist, this type of scheme is green unfriendly and a pollution nightmare.

Smooth Solution: In actual fact, we should be allowing traffic to flow with the minimum of acceleration and braking so as to keep emissions as low as possible. This would ultimately mean less stop start schemes and more smooth flow and smooth integration schemes, such as roundabouts, slow and go or flash and dash junctions. Implementation of this type of scheme instead would mean less fuel consumed, less pollution, less noise-pollution and less wear and tear on vehicles, and therefore, less wear and tear on your pocket and your health.

Blindly Irresponsible? Because the local authorities are blindly ignoring this fact and many others, one could accuse them of acting irresponsibly in going ahead with such types of scheme when much of the final outcome is negative as well as being contrary to what the public would like to see. Especially when there are better schemes on offer!

Simple? So, what is the answer? Perhaps to introduce schemes that do not cause the above problems and that are also popular with the public. Could it be that simple? No, not when the local authorities are concerned!