Less Efficient! Many of today's traffic schemes are less efficient that the ones they have replaced. They cause more clogging of the roads, more congestion and consequently more delays for the motorist. They also cause more vehicle wear and tear and of course more pollution. We should be seen to be improving efficiency on the roads, allowing people to get to where they need to be as efficiently and expediently as possible. However, policies implemented in recent times have caused the reverse.

Breaking Point! Problems on the roads are also compounded by poor logistic management, including school placement, as well as over populating areas that do not have the infrastructure to support a higher population density. There is a breaking point but the authorities don't seem to be taking these factors into account as they carry on regardless.

Millions Of Pounds! In recent times our local authorities have spent hundreds of millions of pounds on traffic schemes that are green unfriendly. The more such schemes implemented, the worse it gets for people, who are just trying to go about their business. Unnecessary traffic lights on roundabouts, bus lanes that hog road resource disproportionately, priority give way schemes, no right turn, no left turn, such things are a nonsense, and yet unlike the majority of the public, our local authorities seem to think they're worthy of wasting our money on.

Archaic: Such policies are archaic and poorly thought out. We hope to see these trends reversed and a move back to a smooth and efficient up to date road system where efficiency is the goal. This means putting more emphasis on educating motorists to encourage common sense on the roads and using fair up to date systems to slow traffic where deemed necessary, not to force it to keep stopping and starting.

Getting Worse! Our roads have been turned into a mess. They are uncomfortable to travel on because many are now covered in humps and bumps and it has now become much more difficult to go about our business without being stuck in traffic, and it's getting worse.

No Room To Move! Problems are also caused by the authorities blocking access to certain roads and routes. It only takes one accident and the remaining roads become grid-locked because there is now no spare capacity in our road system, no overflow routes and no room to move. At such times, there is simply nowhere to go. It all amounts to backward traffic management that wastes an inordinate amounts of people's time and money every year and it is of course seriously GREEN UNFRIENDLY!