The Dartford 'Double' Crossing

How the people were double crossed and grossly inconvenienced by the politicians who lied!

Intro: The Dartford Crossing was originally opened in 1963 as the Dartford Toll Tunnel. The bridge that now accompanies the tunnel was opened in 1991 and the name was aptly changed to the Dartford Crossing to suit.

Promised Toll Free: We were promised that this crossing would become toll free as soon as it was paid for, however, the politicians, true to their usual form, went back on their word, double crossing the people and this never has become the case. In fact, people are still having pay for it even now, more than fifty years on.

Serious Bottleneck: Due to the toll booths, the Dartford Crossing has always been a serious bottleneck, contributing to congestion and serious hold ups for people trying to get to the other side of the river. At times tail backs have been known to stretch four or five miles as people queue waiting in line to be processed.

Not Very Helpful! In recent times the employees on the booths were all made redundant as the powers-that-be decided to institute numberplate recognition and auto payment methods, meaning the onus is now on the driver to remember to pay in advance or within 24 hours of using the crossing. Not very helpful for many people using the crossing and more jobs lost for the greedy rich to get even richer.

Even More Problems: The reorganisation of the crossing, road layout, and protocol, has caused even more problems with congestion, which has now become so severe at times that it is spilling over and badly affecting the surrounding roads as well, impeding traffic that is not even using the crossing.

Aren't We Paying Already? Being as this crossing is a major part of the M25, the busiest motorway in Europe, many people feel that it should be free, as per the original pledge. This would eradicate all the hold ups and congestion that arises from charging schemes, which would become a thing of the past. We should not have to pay to use our roads, after all, we already do in the form of road tax, don't we?

No Way To Pay: Many people would like to see the abolition of all tolls on our roads and road crossings. Personally I would rather pay a few more pence on my road tax or my fuel and not have the bother or the inconvenience of having to worry about tolls. If people forget to pay the Dartford Crossing fee, which is easily done, they will now have to pay a fine. Worse for some, if they have no understanding of modern technology and internet they now have no way of paying at all, meaning a fine is unavoidable.

Major Bottleneck: The Dartford Crossing earns over 50 million pounds a year. It is a major part of the M25 but, also due to the toll charge is a major bottleneck and a major cause of congestion wasting inordinate amounts of people's time. People were promised better than this and should not have to put up with this kind of inconvenience on a modern motorway network. Such schemes should be financed by the phenomenal amount of road tax we pay, to say nothing of the vast amount of toll money that this crossing has collected over fifty years or so since its original opening in 1963! Just another example of bad management, dishonesty, corruption and double crossing at the highest levels !