Consideration for the Motorist

Consideration For The Motorist: It is very apparent that the local authorities are giving the motorist very little consideration. The motorist is by far the majority and majority tax-payer in society and yet our hard earned money is spent on schemes that make life more difficult for us. Much of the time we can't even park without getting a ticket. It is almost as if the local authorities are adopting the attitude that if they make life difficult for the motorist and privilege the buses with dedicated lanes, everyone will give up their car and get on the bus. However, that is not going to happen because people cannot operate on buses alone. The bus is not a viable or desirable alternative to using personal transport. Bus verses car! No contest!

Calling For A Reversal: We would like to see a reversal of this thinking and a reduction of motorist unfriendly, retrogressive, traffic schemes. Examples of such schemes, our analysis of them, and the less than adequate responses of our local authority, can be seen on some of the links listed under local traffic issues, although this problem is widespread, and is manifest all over the country. It is now responsible for considerable additional congestion, time delays, wasted fuel, wear and tear and unnecessary pollution.

Where Is Our Democracy? As already stated, the motorist is by far the majority resident, taxpayer and voter and should, therefore, deserve more consideration, not less. Yet still the authorities are spending our money on things that we do not want and that make our lives more difficult. Not only are we not being considered, the types of scheme we are being forced to accept and finance at the moment often have serious and hazardous implications. In some instances, they are patently dangerous. They are certainly a gross waste of public money and by far not the best solutions on offer. It's as if the local authorities just don't know what they're doing. Whatever the case and the motivation behind their efforts, things are not going well and serious efforts need to be made to bring about a change for the better before it is simply too late!