Traffic Scheme Analysis Programme


Bexley Council have built the kerb out to the point where it is very awkward for vehicles to turn left when approaching the roundabout from North Cray Road. Due to the very acute angle, vehicles now have to virtually turn back on themselves. The original kerb and junction arrangement was perfectly ok as far as the motorist was concerned and did not cause any problems, as far as we know, unlike the new arrangement. As we can see from the aerial photograph, the new arrangement is also grass covered and so presumably has to now be mowed occasionally, meaning money also now has to be spent on its upkeep.

An unnecessary and pointless waste of public money and another backward step?

  •    Makes it more difficult for vehicles to turn onto Maidstone Road, especially larger vehicles
  •    Removes merging facility giving vehicles less room to move and manoeuvre
  •    Diminishes junction efficiency by making it more difficult for vehicles to get out
  •    Grass needs upkeep and maintenance at extra cost to the public

The information listed below in red has kindly been provided by Bexley Council in response to the questions posed on the following Traffic Scheme Enquiry Form.



1) What was the intended purpose of the scheme?

The scheme was to improve traffic flow around the roundabout and to reduce collisions resulting in injury.

2) Why was the scheme deemed necessary?

The scheme was necessary due to high levels of collisions resulting in injury.

3) Who requested / suggested the scheme?

The scheme was identified out of a borough wide review of road collisions and using this to identify hot spots for consideration.

4) Who authorised the implementation of the scheme?

The scheme was approved to be considered and the final decision to progress to installation by the Cabinet Member for transport projects at that time.

5) How much did the scheme cost (please include any subsequent modification costs)?

The scheme cost £80,000 for the changes, and was combined with road resurfacing of £60,000, so save on disruption and reduce mobilisation costs.

6) How was the scheme paid for?

The scheme was introduced out of funding by Transport for London specifically allocated for reducing collisions.

Resident / Public Consultation

1) Were any residents / members of the public directly consulted about this scheme?

Residents were consulted in January 2010

2) If so, which / how many residents / members of the public were directly consulted?

Residents in the local area were consulted, covering 60 properties.

3) Out of those directly consulted, how many responded to the consultation?

13 responded

4) Out of those that responded, how many were in favour of the scheme?

5 were in favour of the proposals, with 5 others offering no specific view on them.

5) Out of those that responded, how many were not in favour of the scheme?

3 were not in favour of the scheme.

6) Was there any other general public notification of this intended scheme undertaken?

As well as residents, ward members, emergency services, bus operators, and LB Bromley were consulted, as well as information and copies of plans posted on the council’s web site.

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Ruxley Roundabout: Kerb extension and loss of filtering angle.
This scheme makes it much more difficult for traffic to turn left out of North Cray Road onto the Maidstone Road, especially larger vehicles, which now end up mounting the kerb and driving over the kerb extension. Some people now think they have to go all the way around the roundabout to turn left. Despite the viewpoint forwarded by the proponents of this scheme, in our opinion, the loss of the filtering angle actually makes it more difficult and dangerous to turn, giving vehicles much less time react and much less room to manoeuvre and merge. What we had before was better, safer and more efficient! In our opinion, this is a poorly evaluated nonsense scheme and a waste of a significant amount of public money for another backward step!