Regarding Parking Issues In Plantation Road & In General

This Council should enforce rules if they have them, but the rules for this location need amending. Smart cars are about enforcement. They have certainly reduced dangerous parking by some parents near schools. Additional thoughts - parking space in Plantation Road is lost because of the lamppost and telephone pole. Could they be moved back from the road? R.H. Plantation Road

When the Water Board did maintenance work to Plantation Road, the pavement parking lines were moved and fell short outside 22 Plantation Road leaving less space to park than before! Therefore resulting in fines! K.B. Plantation Road

I would go as far as to insist (by law) that all cars parked up on the pavement. When there are vehicles parked in the road (especially opposite each other) it causes a serious threat that emergency vehicles (particularly fire appliances) cannot reach the houses at the far end of the street. It also restricts the ability to manouvre into smaller parking spaces as there is not the room to swing the car into the gap. Since the road / pavement was repaired a few years ago the pavement appears to be a bit higher. This should be reduced - or reduce the width of the pavement to make the road wider (although this would involve costs resiting street lamps). Plantation Road Resident

Residents should be encouraged to make good use of spaces available and park properly, giving consideration to other neighbours. Plantation Road Resident

The country park style commuter car park at Howbury / Whitehall Lane would be a good idea as long as it doesn't affect the wildlife. Plantation Road Resident

As with all councils, restricted parking in some (not all) is purely a money making exercise, and has been for years. We as Bexley ratepayers are simply a cash cow for the Council. S.T. Plantation Road

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