Plantation Road

Democracy may be alive and well somewhere, but certainly not in Plantation Road, London Borough of Bexley. Arrogance and deafness seem to be the main qualities expressed by our local authority, who always think they know better on behalf those that pay their wages. Funnily enough the evidence indicates differently! What is their problem with listening to the people they are supposed to be serving?

Plantation Road Pavement Parking
Plantation Road has been a little goldmine for the local authorities. The residents have been pestered, hampered and financially exploited. What's it all about? Pavement parking! Our pavements are far too wide and the road too narrow! The local authority’s attitude? Unsympathetic and mercenary! If Bexley Council followed our simple suggestion residents would be just fine instead of just fined! So why don't they? Well, you guessed it!

Plantation Road Pavement Remodelling
When Bexley Council decided to remodel and resurface the pavements in Plantation Road, they gave little thought to the residents and the problems that we have in the road due to the anomalous size of the pavements, consequently it was a missed oportunity and the residents ended up with a situation worse than they originally had.

Plantation Road Yellow Lines
Bexley Council proposed the implementation of anytime waiting restrictions in the form of double yellow lines in Plantation Road and Slade Green Road. The greater majority of residents were against this scheme and we made our feelings known to Bexley Council, who after deliberately ignoring, 'misplacing' and 'losing' our correspondence, took absolutely no notice and did it anyway....