Proposed Parking Restrictions Plantation Road / Slade Green Road

The comments below relate to POP Survey 1, regarding visibility when exiting Plantation Road and proposed yellow lines.

I personally have not found a problem while exiting Plantation Road. Yes, sometimes it can be more difficult than others. Occasionally you have to edge slightly forward to see if there is any oncoming traffic. I am strongly against having double yellow lines. Plantation Road is hard enough to park in as it is, without having any spaces taken away. As far as I am aware there have been no accidents when exiting Plantation Road and certainly no fatals. I feel this is strong enough not to enforce double yellow lines. Plantation Road Resident

I do not agree with the yellow lines being implemented as this will cause more grief and stress for people who live in the road. It will reduce parking spaces in the road, which is already difficult to park in at times as it is. It will cause problems for people when they come back from work at night and for families with young children, having to park too far away. This is unfair especially in bad weather or if they have to unload shopping.Plantation Road Resident

The loss of eight parking spaces would have a huge impact on the residents of Plantation and Slade Green Road. On occasions I have had to park up by saint Augustine's church. With fewer spaces this would be more frequent. It is quite a long way to walk back into Plantation Road with shopping. The problems of getting out of Plantation Road are very infrequent and with light traffic and large lorries that can easily be seen does not cause too much of a problem.Plantation Road Resident

I am concerned that if parking spaces are reduced it will be even more difficult to park in our road. Sometimes I have had to drive around to find a parking space and then walk home as there is not there are not enough parking spaces as it is. Plantation Road Resident

It's a matter of safety verses convenience. For me safety is paramount. I've had at least six near misses at the junction (a cyclist I didn't see). The mirror would be a good addition to the yellow lines, but not instead of. The plan for housing on the Linpac / Boots site will make the situation worse. First with construction traffic then with far more residents' cars. R.H. Plantation Road

I feel that the proposed yellow lines solution will definitely create more problems in the vicinity than any suggested benefits of this introduction. In addition I agree that options for additional parking solutions should be explored, especially considering the proposed increase in residential properties in the local area for the near future A.W. Slade Green Road

Myself and my partner have never had a problem with parking on Slade Green Road or Plantation Road. In the two and a half years we have lived here we have always managed to get a parking space, even if it's not directly outside our house. But that is as expected I feel when living in 1900's style house that have no driveways. We feel enforcing yellow lines will not benefit any residents and that a mirror would be more suitable for residents needing to exit Plantation Road. Myself and my partner have not had an issue with this and have not been made aware of anyone having an accident from trying to exit Plantation Road before. It would benefit the residents of Plantation Road to be able to park on the pavement as the road is quite narrow. H.G. Slade Green Road

When I visit my mum I often end up parking in the top end of Plantation Road. I do agree, with vans parked outside some of the end houses in Slade Green Road, it is difficult to see both ways. I have every confidence that a convex mirror would be a great idea and enhance safety. I also agree that the introduction of restricted parking will just be a new revenue stream for Bexley Council. I also live in L.B.B. and we have a parking permits system in my road. We used to have restrictions between 11am and 12 noon. Since Christmas L.B.B. have introduced a further restriction between 2pm and 3pm. I have not noticed any improvement in my road but I guess the L.B.B. bank account is doing well.
C.R. Slade Green Road / Bexley

Would just like to clarify that we and friends and relatives do have trouble exiting the road, but yellow lines would only add to our parking problems and feel a convex mirror would be more than sufficient. The Howbury centre sounds a very good idea as a 24/7 carpark, particularly as an overspill for the church hall and community centre. K.B. Plantation Road

Installing double yellow lines would be an absolute waste of time and money. Parking is difficult enough at times, this will only make it worse. Convex mirror is a good option. S.T. Plantation Road

Double yellows would be an advantage if they only come a short way into Plantation / Slade Green Road. Just enough to clear the corner. However, if double yellows come too far into Plantation Road it would only compound the current parking situation and make matters worse. What would be beneficial is the residents parking with a bit more consideration for other street users and shorten the gaps between parked cars - we all have steering wheels, so should be able to manoeuvre out of spaces 3ft longer than our car (this does rely on people parking up onto the pavement to allow for the swing out though). Plantation Road Resident

The Howbury centre carpark should be free to local residents and visitors of local residents only to prevent misuse. Plantation Road Resident

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