Not Listening To You!

Not Listening To Us! Having spent considerable hours writing to, and talking to, Bexley Council, on behalf of local residents and general public alike, I can honestly say that they really ought to find a different motto, because the current one of 'Listening To You, Working For You', is not working for us. On all issues, without doubt thus far, regardless of the validity of any points we have put forward, the response has always been the same. Not interested! The fact is we have communicated the majority public viewpoint on many issues and we have put forward excellent arguments for many of the requests we have made. Even so, it has been a fruitless exercise, yielding absolutely no budging on the Council's behalf. Regardless of any of the points we have made, they simply do not listen and appears are simply not interested in listening.

Listening To Someone! The people I have had dealings in the various departments of Bexley Council have always been very nice to talk to but the message is always the same, basically we cannot have what we would like, and we're stuck with what we're given, regardless of whether it is a good idea and regardless of whether it is the best solution. We do complain but we generally get nowhere. Bexley Council are listening to someone, and working for someone, but who is it? In the meantime, while we try and work that one out, we are asking for suggestions for a new motto for our local authority, as the one that currently adorns their letterhead is highly inaccurate and inappropriate. Please email any suggestions you may have and we will list them on this page. There may even be a prize for the most original and popular.

Listening To You, Working For You! Ruled out as highly inaccurate and inappropriate.
Not Listening To You, Not Working For You! Extremely accurate, but perhaps a bit too obvious?
Not Listening To You, Working For Ourselves! Very true!
Shirking The Remedial, Taking The Proverbial! Not bad! Certainly very accurate.
Taking Your Cash, Making A Hash! Definately true!
Exploiting Your Parking, Sending You Barking! A bit too specific perhaps?

Feel free to email us any new more appropriate Bexley Council moto suggestions you may have...

Bad Management?

The issues listed below are also indicative of local authority attitude in many areas across the U.K. it seems!

Retrogressive Traffic Planning: Over the past years, we have seen many instances of retrogressive traffic planning in this area. In other words, traffic schemes implemented by the authorities that have either made congestion problems worse, or have not been the best solution on hand. Multiply this by the total number of such schemes and one can see that it has become a very serious problem, contributing to unnecessary wasted time and man hours, unnecessary vehicle wear and tear, poorer health, and increased global warming. What is the overall cost in terms of loss of man hours to industry, increased pollution to people who suffer from asthma, etc, and the long term contribution to global warming? Who knows! However, one thing is clear for sure, we don't need it!

Higher Congestion = More Pollution: We have pointed out to Bexley Council that traffic schemes with a higher congestion factor also have a higher pollution factor. We have also pointed out that stop-start schemes in general have a higher pollution factor. We have suggested preferable, healthier, cleaner and more efficient alternatives and yet these points seem to be conveniently ignored, whizzing right over their heads. Recently, it has been published in the local paper that the Bexley area is the third most polluted in London. It has also been in the news that pollution is causing many health problems for people, such as asthma, and that it is also causing intellect problems for our children, "making them dumber". Some pollution is unavoidable with our current understanding and technology, but why make things worse with inefficient traffic schemes. Again, we don't need it! For sure such schemes are not as green as the people that inspire them.

Inadequate Response: We have written many letters to Bexley Council regarding various issues. Sometimes we have not had a reply without chasing them up, however, more to the point, the responses to our analysis of such schemes have been somewhat inadequate and have not addressed the real problems or the points raised in our correspondence. Some of the arguments put forward by Bexley Council seem to have totally missed the point and have exhibited no real indication that the points raised in our correspondence have even been understood. In other instances it has been said that it is current legislation that is to blame, whatever the situation, the issues certainly have not been addressed to the satisfaction of the public. Judge for yourself with some of the examples listed.

Moving On: The fact is that many people are in agreement with what we are saying to our local authority and yet, our local authority are not listening or acting on what is being said. They are basically either just ignoring it, or finding poor excuses for non-compliance. If they are right, then fair enough, if they are not, they should be taking some of these points on board and not sweeping over them as if they have no relevance. Even when they do make a point of consulting the public, it is just for show and is usually quite apparent that they have already decided on what they are going to do regardless.

Value for Money: As we are painfully aware, local authorities now charge the public an awful lot of money in the form of council tax, to say nothing of parking fines and other so called 'civil enforcement' money making schemes. It would be nice to think that we get something worthwhile for our money and that it is not wasted on retrogressive traffic schemes, and the like, that very few people actually want. Where is our democracy and why is it being overruled by arrogant, apparently unintelligent people?

What is Best? We, on behalf of the general public, are only interested in the best result. If Bexley Council can substantiate their case, then fair enough; that is all we ask. However, if they cannot put a superior case on the table, then why are they not prepared to take sensible suggestions from the general public? After all, we're all in this together aren't we? The fact is, they may think they know it all, but they're not actually that clever!


  • Why are Bexley Council so out of touch with people's needs, wishes and requirements?
  • Why do Bexley Council not listen, and give enough consideration to what people say?
  • What is wrong with giving the public what they want, instead of what we don't want?
  • Why do Bexley Council think they are entitled to bully people against the majority democratic will?
  • Why do Bexley Council insist on spending our money on things that the majority of people do not want and that make life more difficult for people?
  • Why do Bexley Council think that it is acceptable to spend our money on things that lower our quality of being and make it more difficult for people to go about their business?
  • Why do Bexley Council feel that they need to spoil the quality of the roads when there are better, far superior, alternatives?
  • Why do Bexley Council not realise that the necessary objective, if there is one, is to slow people down, not force them to keep stopping and starting unnecessarily?
  • Why do Bexley Council not realise that the schemes they put in are contributing to people dying through pollution related illness?
  • Why do Bexley Council think it is approriate to abuse the position they are in as trustees of public funds?