Residents Crying Out For 'Magic' Roundabout

Residents in Slade Green say they have been forced to do thousands of unnecessary miles over the years because Bexley Council will not give them a roundabout at a crucial junction which is the gateway to Slade Green. At the moment they are forced to go a mile out of their way every time they want to get into Slade Green. Taz, from the Crosstalk Foundation, said "We wrote to Bexley Council in 2001 to ask for this scheme and put a superb argument on the table. Unfortunately, true to form, they did not listen and nearly fifteen years later we still have no roundabout. This scheme has so many advantages compared to what we are stuck with, it's crying out to be done. It would greatly help alleviate congestion on the dual carriageway and the existing roundabouts, as well ease traffic for residents along side roads to say nothing of the time and money it would save for all vehicles, including the buses. There are overwhelming advantages for everyone here. We have said all this to Bexley Council, who just came back with a nonsense argument. Our local councillor said to me that the majority of Bexley councillors live in more affluent parts of the borough and they consider Slade Green to be low priority." Taz went on to say "Over the years Bexley Council have spent money on the roads in Slade Green, but it's mostly on things residents are not in favour of and which actually make life more difficult. Slade Green used to be known as Cabbage Island, but we don't grow cabbages here any more, as the fields have largely been swallowed up. Although I do wonder if Bexley Council think the residents here are all cabbages, but we are not. We know what makes sense and we've put a good case forward. Far better than theirs! Nevertheless, Bexley Council just stick their fingers in their ears and poke their tongue out. Contrary to their motto, they do not listen to us!"