Television and Radio

Advert Noise Pollution
A call for TV companies to limit the volume of adverts and trailers to absolutely no more than (and preferably less than), the volume of the programme they are accompanying. At the moment, adverts and trailers are very offensively loud when compared to the volume of the TV programs they accompany. This forces people to have to reach for the remote each time the adverts come on and causes a particular problem for people when late night viewing. If one is not quick enough to re-adjust the level when the adverts come on, the sudden jump in volume is so loud that it can quite easily awaken others asleep in the house and even the neighbours. And all of that aside, it is not nice to be blasted out when you haven't requested it and don't want it! It is offensive and rude! Many people would therefore like to see it made an offence to broadcast adverts and trailers at a volume that exceeds the programmes they are accompanying. We will also in the future be running an 'advert gets on your tits award' campaign, and companies that are responsible for screening such adverts that are particularly offensive and obnoxious will receive an 'advert gets on your tits award' certificate. We hope to facilitate voting on the top ten adverts that get on your tits, with a view to encouraging companies to screen more palatable and amusing adverts instead.

Public Education & Information
A call to use television to educate and encourage people to do the sensible thing. There are a plethora of areas that could benefit from the reintroduction of public information clips and adverts.

Current TV - What Happened?
What happened to Current TV? One of the best and most inspirational, innovative things out there! After five years, it has suddenly just been taken off air, and nobody seems to really know why. It’s a real sad loss, as this cutting edge channel, which dealt with some of the real nitty-gritty in this world, and was a definite help in bringing about exposure, education, and positive change in many of the areas so vital to the cause and to the improved well-being of our planet, will be sadly missed. It could set the revolution back years!

Logos, Buttons, What's On Next? What Next?
A call for the television companies to get rid of the channel logos and interactive button prompts that sit there obtrusively in the corner of the screen while you are trying to watch a programme. Likewise, the text flashes announcing the next programme that are transmitted just before the end of the film you are watching, often at the most crucial and poignant part of the film, spoiling the moment and the illusion. After all, if we want to know what's on during a programme, we can check for ourselves, else tell us afterwards, when the film's finished. Likewise, if we want to press red, we can do so, without prompting. But if TV companies insist on flashing next programme information, they could at least wait until the credits begin to roll and the film itself has ended, thereby allowing the viewer to finish their viewing uninterrupted.

Sky Sports' Football Monopoly
A suggestion that all important football matches should available to be screened on Freeview television, or at the very least, Sky Sports should be made much more affordable. Ever since Sky Television became a reality, money has been the name of the game, to the extent where average people, who already pay their TV license fee, are now asked to pay extra for just about everything else. Ok, perhaps this is acceptable when it comes to films and channels that were previously unavailable, such as the Discovery Channels, however, we mustn't overlook that football is one of our national sports and is enjoyed by millions of people, young and old alike. When England play an international game, everybody, rich and poor alike should be able to see it. At the moment a generation of children and adults alike are deprived of that privilege because greed has taken over the game. Does it need to be that way? Well, I'm sure that everyone involved could do their bit to making it more accessible to the poor in this country. Depriving thousands of children the enjoyment of a national heritage because greed is monopolising the game is a poor show!

Sky Sports' Cricket Monopoly
Not content to stifle the football from the masses, Sky and the money people want to deprive everyone, bar the rich, of the cricket as well. The downside of living in world where the only thing that seems to matter is money!

Sky Sports - The True Cost?
What a difference it makes if young people can watch top quality sport on T.V., to say nothing of the rest of us, who perhaps may not be encouraged, or able, to take it up, at such an age, but nevertheless, would still love to be able to enjoy such wonderful aspects of our society. At the moment, the cost of Sky Sports is so high that most people simply cannot afford it, so they go without. Reducing the cost of Sky Sports to a fraction of what it currently is would mean that many many more people would be able to afford it. Just like the supermarket, the additional people attracted would help buffer the losses of reducing the cost. However, if it means Sky Sports or people in the game have to be less greedy so as to facilitate access to sport for our children and make it more affordable, then that is perhaps what we should do. Otherwise, generations of children will continue to miss out on the education, enjoyment and potential of being involved. As well as being somewhat sad, depriving our children from the benefits of such may ultimately be depriving the sport itself. The true cost of which, we may never know!

Sky Sports - Football Channel - Sport Segregation
Perhaps one way Sky Sports could make its televised sport more affordable to people is to segregate the various sports into specialist channels. At the moment, a Sky Sports' package involves paying for all the other sports that may well not be of interest, just to be able to watch the sport of your choice. If you are only interested in football, for instance, having the facility just to buy a football package, in one form or another, would enable Sky to offer this at a considerably reduced, pro rata, price, thereby making it more affordable and available. The same could be offered for cricket, and golf, etc. You would then just pay for what you want to watch and not have to pay for that which you don't. They could even work the main sports such as football, cricket, rugby, golf, etc, on a pay as you go basis, as they do with boxing at times. Making sport available to young people should be seen as important. It is also nice for adults too. Money is not everything, however, when you live on a tight budget, as many do, affordability is the major factor in what you have, and what you don't.

This Is Your Democracy - TV Programme Idea
An idea for an ongoing series of programmes giving the opportunity for the general public to have much more say in the policies that our governments administer. Designed to demonstrate how a new political system would work.

BBC Film And Data Library Access
A idea for the BBC to put its documentaries and other useful and interesting film data in a library accessible from the internet so that people can freely download the material for personal use. As the BBC is a public corporation it would be nice if its material was accessible to the public on a continual basis, now that we have the technological infrastructure to achieve this. The BBC has made some wonderful documentaries etc, in the past, such as the Horizon programmes. It is a real shame that such programmes are shown just once, perhaps never to be seen again. This is a waste of talent, information, education and opportunity.