What Is Unfair? Many waters now allow anglers to fish with three rods in a session. To facilitate this, the Environment Agency currently require anglers to purchase an additional extra two rod licence at the cost of another twenty something pounds, meaning they are paying for something they are not using.

Half A Licence: Bearing in mind that one licence normally covers two rods, it is blatantly unfair that anglers should currently have to buy a whole extra licence and not just half a one to fish with three. All that should be required to cover a single additional rod is an extra half a licence at half the normal price. Consequently some anglers will not bother to buy the additional licence at all so the Environment Agency is losing out.

What Is Fair? The simplest and fairest option would be to produce a three rod licence at no more than an additional half the cost of the regular two rod licence. As this would also be considered fair by the majority of anglers, more people would then buy a three rod licence, rather than not bothering at all. Everyone's a winner!