"A small number of extremely greedy people are sucking the money and life out of this planet. They may be having a good time but they are consigning many people to a life of unnecessary hardship, extreme poverty and suffering leaving them without the bare essentials in life. Greed is an absolutely sickening and depraved crime and we want to wipe it out!"

Obscene And Farcical: Why is it that the distribution of wealth and nourishment is so vastly disproportionate in our society? Some would even say it is obscene and farcical. Where the extremely rich are concerned, one would have to ask whether one needs millions and millions of pounds in order to live, and as the answer to that is no, then why are we in a situation where rich individuals can amass so much money, whilst so many others are forced to go without even the basics?

Sums Don't Add Up: Many people work all the hours God sends just to try and stay afloat and even then they still slip further into debt. The reason? Simply because the amount of money they are paid is inadequate and does not rightly equate to the cost of the society we live in. The strain of living in this type of situation is immense, it causes much misery and unhappiness and is responsible for the breakdown of many relationships. If you've never experienced such 'money worries' you are very lucky. It's not nice!

No Justification! When defending the right of people to be extremely rich, some people argue, "Yes, but some of these people do such important jobs, they deserve to earn so much money", or likewise, "He is so talented so he deserves to be so rich". I suppose to a degree one could agree if things were not so far out of proportion. If everyone else in our society was adequately looked after and had what they need without having to live the stress of wondering where the next penny is coming from, and whether or not they can provide for their kids, there would be no problem. However, unfortunately, that is simply not the case. There is, therefore, no justification in helping yourself to an extra double portion when some have none at all!

Recipe For Ill-Health: In many instances the balance of wealth and nourishment is so far out of proportion that it is not only ridiculous, it is positively obscene, morally grotesque and even criminal. A society is a multi-cellular organism, just like the human body and every job in that organism is important. If parts of the organism are under nourished, not looked after, or not considered, the body as a whole will fail, and even if not terminally, it will certainly display signs of extreme ill-health. Sound familiar?

Welcome To The Machine: Of course society is like a giant machine. Machines have big parts and they have little parts. Some parts are more expensive, some parts are cheap to buy, but all parts have one thing in common, they are relied upon to keep the machine running and running efficiently. If a little part breaks down, it can still take down the machine, therfore all parts need to be looked after in order to get the best out of the machine.

Convenient Dementia: There is absolutely no need for people in any society to hog so much more than they need! The need, or compulsion to do this, is a sickness in itself and it is about time, as adults, we learnt to share appropriately, something we try and teach our kids from an early age! However, many people seem to incur convenient dementia and forget this lesson of being unselfish by the time they reach adulthood.

No Bank Of Heaven: It is also worth remembering that you can have all the money in the world but you can't take your stash of cash with you when you die! There is no monetary Bank Of Heaven, however, you can take worth and wealth of a different kind by being a decent caring sharing human being and that will get you much further than any amount of money! So, if you've got more than you need, why not put some of it back and help some of those people who are strugglng in life!