Education and Social Conditioning

Undesirable Tendencies: People are conditioned by the experiences they have in life. If a person has the wrong kind of experiences, they will be conditioned to exhibit undesirable tendencies. In today's society, many children exhibit undesirable tendencies as a result of having inadequate conditioning. Many take their undesirable tendencies into adulthood, making them undesirable adults.

In Society's Interest: It is in society's interest to create circumstances where children get the right sort of upbringing and conditioning and so become the right sort of adult. It is in everybody's interest to exercise these principles because healthily conditioned children become healthy adults making a healthy society. It shows you how far short of the mark we currently are.

Encourage And Nurture: Children need to be encouraged, respected, loved and nurtured. Society needs to show that it cares about people. Not just some people, but all people. Show that we care! Encourage people, by example, to care and be a part of something greater and worthwhile. Show that this is the right way and enable others to see that this is right and worthwhile. Provide positive options and help people get into the good things in life! Give people some hope that the world they live in is not just about the stinking rich becoming even more stinking whilst everyone else gets trodden underfoot without a second thought!

Man-Eating Tiger, Or Mild-Mannered Pussycat? Protecting and guiding young people means giving them positive and constructive encouragement and opportunities. It also means giving a suitable deterrent when they go off the rails. With the right upbringing, even the wildest grizzly bear can grow up to be a playful, loving and well behaved teddy; and the wildest and most ruthless man-eating tiger can turn out to be a mild mannered, cuddly, loving and playful pussycat. It's that simple! So, what will it be for our offspring? After all, it is our choice! We have the technology! Will they grow up to be ruthless man-eating tigers, or mild mannered, loving and playful pussycats?