Beyond Reasonable Proportion: It is a fact that a very small number of extremely greedy people are sucking the life and soul out of this planet and consigning the great majority in this world to a life that is less than it should be, some people being forced into a life of extreme hardship and poverty. While those in charge argue and fight over land and control, in the past they have consigned millions of ordinary people to death by war. Although war is still an issue, the amassing and holding of wealth beyond all reasonable proportion is a problem that needs to be addressed in this world. It has become, for some, an unhealthy obsession. Although people often look up to the super rich, as if they have achieved something special, some people go far beyond acceptable and reasonable limits. It becomes especially sad when the only people to benefit from the recent recession, while other are losing their homes and struggling to feed their children, are the super rich, who somehow have managed to make even more money.

Lessons Forgotten: Some people have become overly greedy and such people are without doubt lacking some understanding and something morally when they think it is appropriate to take and hoard so much whilst others go without altogether and struggle to eat and survive. They obviously don't think of anyone but themselves. Unfortunately, although such greedy behaviour is not encouraged in children, by the time we reach adulthood such lessons seem to have been forgotten. Although we are taught as children that being greedy is fundamentally wrong, society seems to put up with, and think it is acceptable it in adults. Of course, all the time the politicians preach that this is acceptable behaviour, that will probably remain the case.

Contrary To Life Principles: Maybe because subconsciously we would all like to be living in a situation where money is not a problem and where one doesn't have to worry about where the next penny is coming from, and maybe because, since time began, we have got used to the bullies and tyrants amassing such amounts at the expense of others and are perhaps grateful to get away with our lives. However, whatever the case, greed is never normally encouraged in any situation where resources are limited, and yet where society is concerned, we are all conditioned, it seems, to just accept it. However, this should not be considered normal as it is contrary to the very principles which give us life and allow to live and breathe. It should not be considered healthy behaviour to hog vast amounts of wealth at the expense of others. It is grossly perverse and a crime against humanity. If our own bodies behaved in such a fashion parts would die or drop off and ultimately, so would we.

Failure To Apply: In just about every other area, nature and science tell us, just as we are told as children, that ill-provision and failure to supply all parts sufficiently is not an acceptable principle. In every area where such a ill-provision is applied, failure of the system follows. And it is not just life mechanisms and systems that demonatrate this, it is machinary of any sort. A car engine will fail if all the parts are not sufficiently lubricated. A plane will not fly properly if appropriate power and instruction are not fed to all parts and your television or hi-fi will not work if it's parts do not get the power and energy they need. Everybody knows this, it is common sense, and yet when it comes the greater machinery of society itself, we fail to apply this essential life principle. How much better could life be for everyone if we did!

Learn To Share: What is the answer? Well, it goes back to remembering what we are told a children. To learn to share and not to take more than we need. Earth is actually a very rich planet, well provided, with more than enough to cater for its inhabitants if it's properly managed. However, every pound or dollar that we may take from the system over and above what we need, is a pound or a dollar that we may take from somebody else who really needs it, and needs it more. In some instances, people have taken money beyond any possible use or requirement. All this whilst others can't afford to feed their children is a crime against humanity. Yes, if you are causing needless and unnecessary suffering and demise as a result of your actions, you are a criminal and should be held accountable!

Need Or Greed? Greed is a disease which affects everybody. It is not appropriate to hog more than you need while others go without. Greed is also an act that results in victims. Therefore, by definition, greed is a crime! Currently the single most prolific and widespread crime on the planet!


What has happened to our wealth. Not only do the people of this country not own anything anymore, but all of a sudden, we, or the country as a whole, seems to be in incredible debt. Everything that our forefathers worked to build and left to us has been taken away.

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