Who's Keeping An Eye On Our Local Authority?

Listening To You? There is no doubt that at times local authorities cause as many problems as they cure. They often exhibit an air of arrogance and stubbornness that makes it impossible for the ordinary members of the public to get satisfaction. As it is the ordinary members of the public that foot the bill and pay the wages of the local authorities, this should not in any way be the case. Unfortunately though, it is!

Considerable Problems: We have had to put up with a plethora of inefficient and inferior traffic schemes that have caused the ordinary members of the public considerable problems. Who designs them, who sanctions them? Faceless, unaccountable people, licensed to spend millions of pounds of public money on schemes that make life worse for those paying the bill.

Overruled: Local authorities often behave like bullies and tyrants, walking all over public feeling. Sometimes they pretend to listen, but it becomes quite evident that this is just a box ticking exercise as they have very obviously already decided that they will do what they do regardless of public feeling. We have been overruled against the majority public will and worse still, against the grain of common sense on three issues in Plantation Road alone.

Unaccountable: There is no one there to police or oversee what local authorities do, or to stop them if they are behaving deviously or irrationally. They are never made accountable for the problems they cause, which are often considerable, and there is nowhere for the public to turn when things go badly wrong as a result of their actions.

Costs Us All: Local authorities waste considerable amounts of public money and then think it's appropriate to try and make up the deficit by screwing the public through devious parking schemes and the like. It is way past time that there was somebody there to oversee what they do, stop them from making a mess. They should be also be made accountable and brought to account for the blatant errors, the waste and inefficient management of our society, which costs us all considerably. After all, they are supposed to be in positions of responsibility and when they don't behave responsibly, we all pay the price.