Benefit Thieves?

The Government seem to be putting a lot of emphasis on advertising the fact that if you are on benefits, and do any form of work on the side without declaring your earnings, you will be targeted and prosecuted as a criminal. Hmm!!

Some People: Yes, we know there are some people out there who do take the proverbial and possibly do deserve to be treated so harshly! However, many are decent people that are disadvantaged in some way, encumbered with young children, or just unable to find a decent enough job to make working full time viable and worthwhile. Many are hard pressed mums simply trying to earn enough to keep the family afloat, or give their kids a reasonable Christmas, by doing a bit of cleaning or similar. Whatever way you look at it, many of these people hardly have the world to begin with, and the amounts of money they are expected to live and feed the family on somehow do not realistically relate to the cost of the corrupt and imbalanced society that we live in.

Take The P: Surely though, a worse crime is coining it in on the side when you really don't need it! You really don't need it because you already earn very significant amounts of money and consequently already have everything you could possibly need. Significantly depriving the public purse in these such fraudulent circumstances would surely be pure selfish and unjustifiable greed, and you would think, given the fuss that the Government is making about people trying to scratch a living, punishable in the extreme. However, this does not actually seem to be the case, as long as you work for the people making the fuss, that is. Yes, unbelievably, if you are an MP working for the people making the fuss, you can fraudulently coin in very significant amounts of money on the side, depriving the public purse in the process. Even though you don't need it, don't deserve it and don't have to live everyday under the financial stress of wondering where the next penny is coming from, if you are an MP, you can take the P, and simply walk away scot-free! Alright for some it seems!

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