End The Baby Factory?

Population Booming: With people living much longer nowadays, the population booming and the considerable additional strain on health and social services that this gives rise to, perhaps it is time to think about putting a cap on the size of our families in the U.K., especially families that are state dependent. China had to do it, and although it doesn't have to be quite so radical for us at this time in the U.K., for a number of reasons we should perhaps be giving it some serious thought.

Have To Consider: As time goes on, population for both the U.K. and for the planet in general is going to become more and more of an issue and something we will eventually all have to consider. In the meantime, state dependent families and single mums that keep churning out children, with some even getting into double figures, put considerable additional strain on the system. Under the circumstances it would not be unreasonable to consider capping the size of such families. Perhaps an upper limit of three children would be reasonable.

Bursting At The Seams: It is a fact that we are living in a finite space with finite life support capabilities and there is a limit to what we can both afford and comfortably accommodate. Technology can help, however, the amount of physical space required is certainly a factor that cannot be overlooked and due to the way logistics and infrastructure have been mismanaged in the U.K., many parts of our towns and cities are bursting at the seams with serious overcrowding. Add to this poor traffic management and the bottom line is people are not properly able to go about their business. Hardly the epitome of efficiency!

Living Longer: In the U.K., supporting the health system and the state benefit system is expensive. It would therefore be prudent to try and reduce and manage our outgoings accordingly. There are other areas that need to be targeted, which otherwise will cause massive additional financial strain on the health and social services systems, such as obesity, however, when so many of us are living that much longer, bringing more and more state dependent children into the equation through out of control much larger than average families also needs to be considered. It's one thing if families can afford it, but then as we have to make room and provide for everybody in society one way or another, can society afford it.

There Is A Limit: It is not just state dependent families that have we have to consider. As we fill up our planet and the available space, bringing us nearer and nearer capacity, we will all have to think about being a little more responsible with our family planning and the size of our families. We can't just go on expanding because there is a limit to the number of passengers any ship can accommodate!