Social Management

"Politicians consistently allow greed to come before welfare! However, it is not just those who rely on welfare who are disadvantaged, it is everyone that helps turn the wheels of society that pays the price for the greed and the fact that the politicians are ruled by the greedy in this world! Greed is a disease that blinds people to moral obligation and to what is right! Greed is and should be understood to be a crime as it results in many otherwise unnecessary victims!"

The Equation: In any society or conglomerate, everyone in the equation is part of the equation. If you are going to put yourself forward to be in government, you should be prepared to look after the people, all the people, not just yourself and your mates! Unfortunately governments in recent times, regardless of polarity have failed to do this.

The Con Club: In recent times an elite group of people embedded in the upper echelons of this society have taken this country for a ride and to the cleaners. Profiteering through essential services, housing and other life necessities, they have selfishly and ruthlessly structured our society to benefit themselves, paying themselves very large amounts of money, whilst the common man struggles to survive, many failing to do so in the climate they have created.

Life Essentials: In a properly managed modern society everybody should be entitled to expect a fairly paid job, somewhere reasonable to live, food, water and enough money to live on without enduring suffering and poverty. We have the technology to achieve this but we do not currently have the goodwill. It is the job of any government to provide these basic life essentials for its citizens!

Greed and Corruption: In lesser countries we see governments failing badly in these areas because of greed and corruption. It seems that this country is currently no different as the rich controlling elite selfishly manipulate our society to suit themselves and their grossly inflated bank accounts.

Morally Imbalanced: Failure to fairly and properly address greed and achieve a reasonable balance of fair play in our society results in poverty and suffering, increased crime and social tension and a morally imbalanced, ill-bred society, just like the one we currently live in!

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Vested Interest In The House

Wealth Distribution
Why is it that so many people are struggling to make ends meet and yet so many people have more money than they could ever possibly spend in a million years? How much do greedy people actually need at the expense of others who can't afford to live?

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Slavery And Greed In The Modern Western World
Need Or Greed?

Non-Profit Essential Services And Facilities
Essential services and facilities should be managed for the benefit of everyone. However, unfortunately we have seen a considerable degree of devious exploitation and profiteering via such services at the expense of the ordinary people and this contributes towards people not being able to afford what they need. Essential services, which include food, water, shelter, power and transport, as well as civic services, such as the prison systems, rubbish disposal, roads and infrastructure, should be managed on a non-profit making basis, however, this is no longer the case as it has all largely been privatised and monopolised by the Con Club. For the ordinary members of society this means the price goes up, the service goes down, jobs get lost and people end up out of work.

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Vested Interest In The House

The Tipping Point
A call for politicians to understand and heed the fact that if you cram too many people into any given area whilst taking away more and more of their facilities and their open space, the area reaches a tipping point where social conditions deteriorate rapidly and crime goes up exponentially. For any area to be healthy it needs sufficient facilities and enough green and open space for people to stretch their legs. Where this is not the case, we see the resultant effects and the increased cost to society in social disorders. If we insist on treating people like battery hens we will never get the best out of them. But then, what more can we expect!

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The Simple Principles Of Beans And Greens.

Local Authority Management - Time For A Watchdog?
Local authorities up and down the country largely have it all their own way. They don't listen to the people that pay their wages and they exercise their arrogance and stupidity at the expense of the public...

End The Baby Factory?
With people living much longer nowadays, the population booming and the considerable additional strain on health and social services that this gives rise to, perhaps it is time to think about putting a cap on the size of families in the U.K., especially families that are state dependent...

Good Idea Deprivation
A call to make it illegal for big companies to buy up the rights to anything that would otherwise be seen to benefit people or planet, for the purpose of preventing its manufacture and availability purely to preserve their own profit and greed. Many good ideas have already been bought up and shelved on this basis purely and simply so that companies can ensure maximum profits. Where progress and technological evolution is concerned, anything that can be seen to benefit people and help preserve our environment should be developed and made available. The suppression of such otherwise beneficial ideas for greedy individuals' monetary gain is morally unjust and, as they have an inadequate and out-dated moral framework, it should be made illegal.

Human Rights?
It is this simple - if you have breached other people's human rights, without thought for them, you do not deserve, and should not expect, to have your own respected. If you do not respect the human rights of others, you give up the right to your own. In other words, don't bleat on about no consideration, when you give no consideration! Be done as you would do unto others!

Not Very Sporting!
Our politicians have structured society so that rich individuals can benefit through the exploitation, slavery and misery of today's young people, who have had hope taken away from them. They are expected to work on minimal, or zero hours contracts, in poor conditions, for pathetic money, just so that the rich owners and directors can go out and buy another Rolls-Royce or even a football club. No matter what hours they put in, until this changes, they will never be able to afford living life in this warped, corrupt and perverse society. It should not be allowed, but unfortunately is because those in charge allow themselves to become part of this corruption. Such people should know better, but unfortunately, up until now, it seems they don't!

Are We Fit?
Some people are not fit to wear the uniforms they wear or to be in the positions they are in. Lies, corruption and abuse of position still permeate much of the fabric of our society. Such lies, corruption and abuse of position spoil things for the ordinary decent people. We patently need more honesty and openness in society and everyone needs to be accountable and seen to be doing the right thing by society as a whole! Whatever the position they are in from top to bottom!

Local Council Resource Allocation
A diversion of resource allocation from unnecessary, motorist unfriendly, traffic schemes, and other such disagreeable and wasteful installations, to the provision and promotion of more activity centres and facilities for young people with emphasis on giving them something worthwhile in order to get them of the street corners where they often get into trouble and cause problems for local residents.

Accounting For Actions
A call to institute an 'account for your actions policy' which will be levied against council departments and individuals shown to be responsible for abusing public funds by spending them on schemes that are obviously a backward step, a non-improvement, or that nobody wants. After all, if you are going to spend (or waste) someone else's money you should be accountable for what you spend it on and answerable for your errors, just like anyone else in any other job. Just because you work for local government doesn't mean you should be immune. All public servants and departments should be accountable, not untouchable.

Manage Facilities - Don't Take Them Away!
It is becoming more and more apparent that local authorities all over are depriving the public of certain facilities rather than being bothered to address any problems with them.

Social Representative
An idea for individual streets, or groups of houses, to have a voluntary social representative , who can liaise between the people in the street and the local council, or local councillors, for the purposes of making sure people are happy with the services provided and to bring to attention any problems with a view to achieving an expedient and satisfactory resolution. At the moment people still get walked all over and cannot have what they want in their own streets without corrupt, unwarranted and tyrannical interference from local authorities. Who bully the residents and do what they like regardless of whether it is right or best.

See Plantation Road...

Benefit Thieves?
The Government seem to be putting a lot of emphasis on advertising the fact that if you are on benefits and do any form of work on the side without declaring your earnings, you will be targeted and prosecuted as a criminal. Hmm!!

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A Nightmare On Benefit Street!

Fed Up With The Rat Race
Why are so many people so fed up with the rat race? Simple. The balance of emphasis is far too far over on the need to make money. Why? Because life is so expensive, and because all too often, people are not paid enough money for what they do.

Slavery Still Abounds In The Western World
When the time came to abolish slavery, we all thought that humanity was reaching a new level of understanding and appreciation, a new era of enlightenment. However, be this as true as it may be, it is also true to say that slavery still abounds in the modern western world. Nowadays of course, slavery is disguised in a way so as to make it less obvious, but nevertheless, it is still as prevalent as ever, even in its disguised form. The controlling factor is no longer fear and intimidation, it is instead, money. With the aid of money, the controlling people realised that they didn't have to be quite so blatant about their domination of the subservient. Here are some of the dictionary definitions from the Oxford Dictionary pertaining to the word Slavery.... Severe toil, exhausting labour, drudgery. The condition or fact of being a slave, servitude; onerous subjugation. Subjection to, or domination by, a specified influence. The practice or institution of keeping slaves, the existence of slaves as a class. Sound familiar?

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Slavery And Greed In The Modern Western World

Social Conditioning
People are conditioned by the experiences they have in life. If a person has the wrong kind of experiences, they will be conditioned to exhibit undesirable tendencies.

What's The Choice?
There are any things a person can get into in this world, some are creative and enhance and improve the quality of life for others, some are destructive and degrade and impair the quality of life for others.

Fuel Rip Off Make Rich Richer While People Shiver!
Why are the fuel companies, which supply our gas and electric, a utility which used to be owned by the people, now making an absolute mint for the rich while so many ordinary people are sitting around shivering because they can't afford the prices?

Those At The Top Who Abuse Others!
There have been many pathetic little creatures in this world who, one way or another, get in a position of power and use that position to abuse others. They are weak and impotent on their own, but they utilise those around them to bolster their egos and dish out their filth.

If you are not trustworthy you should not be in a position where you have power over people.