Social Activities

Local Issues
Local issues relating to Bexley Council, such as the Danson Festival.

Ban Fireworks In Favour Of Proper Organised Displays?
A suggestion to ban the sale of fireworks to the general public in favour of proper organised displays. The current free availability of fireworks to the general public causes a very substantial nuisance to people at all times of day and night over a period of several months every year in the run up to, and for the period after, November the 5th. They are also responsible for many serious injuries as well as considerable distress for pets and wildlife.

Teenage Facilities and Activities
A call to provide more in the way of affordable teenage facilities and for society to do much more to encourage the kids to get into such worthwhile and constructive activities. If society doesn't care about the kids, how can the kids be expected to care about society. After all, the example should come from the top! It is up to society to set a good example to the kids, not the other way around!

Weston-super-Mare Carnival
The Somerset Carnival is a fantastically spectacular event involving hundreds of people in its engineering and organisation. The carnival is held in different locations every November, attracting hundreds of thousands of people. Car parking is always a bit of an issue at such occasions and this was request to Tesco at Weston-super-Mare asking if they could allow the public to use their ideally located car park during the annual carnival night there.