Slade Green

Slade Green is a fairly typical residential community but with a small element of industry. In the past this included the less than ideal placement of a few warehouses, such as a 24/7 Boots' main warehouse, meaning that for many years residents had to put up with large articulated lorries driving through the heart of the community at all times of day and night. Thankfully, these warehouses have now been relocated.

Housing prices have always been a bit cheaper and more affordable in Slade Green than in other parts of the Bexley Borough, making it attractive to first time buyers. Even so, Slade Green is populated with very decent people and has been a nice community in which to live. There are many residents on Slade Green who have happily lived in the community for many decades.

Over the years we have had considerable problems with our local authority, with residents being ill-considered and abused, having their viewpoints ignored and their feelings walked all over. In recent times this has got even worse and it has become quite evident that the people on Slade Green don't count and are considered 'low priority' by Bexley Council's conservative councillors, who live in the more affluent parts of the borough.

As well as walking all over people's feelings against the grain of common sense, Bexley Council have been devious and underhanded in their behaviour for the purpose of achieving their hidden agendas. Their attitude and behaviour has been wholly unsatisfactory and unbecoming of people who put themselves forward to serve the community.

More information on Bexley Council's undesirable and deviant behaviour can be found at Bexley Is Bonkers

Bexley Council's Devious Growth Strategy
Bexley Council covert and devious plans to rob people of their homes and build all over parts of Slade Green to make lots of money out of Crossrail.

Traffic Management Issues
Traffic Management Issues relevant to Slade Green and the surrounding area.

Traffic Scheme Analysis Programme
A series of enquiries aimed at getting some explanation from the authorities as to why certain traffic schemes that the public find disagreeable and nonsensical have been implemented. We look at some of the reasoning behind the implementation of the various schemes and the cost involved and whether it can be seen to be justified.

Howbury Centre - How to Bury A Community Oasis
How to bury and valuable community facility and oasis under concrete and more housing. As Bexley Council wheel and deal blinded and mesmerized by pound notes, disregarding the residents on Slade Green, our facilities are run down and our quality of life ruined as we are robbed gradually and systematically of facilities and green space for the purpose of them boosting their coffers.