A Skeleton Of Truth - What Is God?

What Is God? Is a question that many of us will ask at one time or another. One thing that God is definitely not is a bearded old man in the sky. Some people, largely because of what they see exercised in God's name or what they see happening in this world, dismiss the likelihood of any such concept. Others think that there could not possibly be such a thing and that people only believe because they want to believe in something, or alternatively because they are afraid of dying. However, the universe is a very big place and unless we have been up there and had a good look around, we cannot rule the possibility out, therefore, it is always worth keeping an open mind. After all, there is so much we don't see and we certainly don't see all. For example, the air we breathe, the radio waves that enable our TV and our mobile phones, the atomic particle world, and much more besides, are all invisible to us, outside the range of human sensors and cannot be detected without further peripheral equipment. A few years ago we were completely unaware of all of it. The fact is, although at times we may think we know it all, we still have much to learn and we have yet to properly understand ourselves and the microdot that we live on, never mind the rest of the universe, the sheer size and wonder of which just boggles the mind. For those that choose to believe or keep an open mind, there are clues in our history as to what God is or could be perhaps. Historically we are told that God is a great being of some sort. We are also told that God is a spirit. To be precise, an almighty spirit. In fact, the almighty spirit. Well, what exactly is spirit? Spirit is a fairly ancient term so perhaps nowadays we may refer to such an entity as conscious energy. Although this is a concept and possible form of life that we have yet to understand, most of us have seen Startrek at one time or another. The realms of science fiction can gradually become science fact! As we know only too well. Beam me up Scotty!

Together We Become! Of late, life on Earth has become much more interesting because we now have the internet. What's more we can see and understand the concepts that facilitate this recent marvel. What the internet demonstrates for us is that all together, through communication, we become something infinitely greater. Infinitely more knowledgeable and more powerful than any single human being. A crucial ingredient that enables this is energy. Consciously directed and intelligently manipulated energy travelling over or through a medium such as fibre optic, copper cable, in the air, or through space, as radio waves. It is all invisible to us, but nevertheless this communication of consciously directed and manipulated energy facilitates and represents a remarkable combined conscious entity that using various media, communicates with itself and contains the knowledge of all our time. All the information that we have ever collected and collated is there, instantly accessible and available. This combining of conscious energy through communication also makes all of us individual parts potentially as knowledgeable, or at least having access to the knowledge of the much more powerful collective entity, humanity on Earth. What we have to bear in mind is that we on Earth have only just begun. If we were to imagine an internet on a universal scale, over millions, possibly even billions of years, that all evolved and well behaved intelligent life can tap into and communicate with, then it would truly be massive and all knowledgeable. Of course, we on Earth do not fit into the evolved and well behaved category at the moment, but in time I'm sure we will. Maybe then we'll be allowed to plug in ourselves.

Modular Assembly: We can now observe and understand that human beings are made of billions of tiny little individual modules, organic microchips that we call single cells. These are assembled automatically for us by a life construction programme embedded in our DNA, which we can also now observe. Single cells have their own remarkable intelligence. They can be called upon to play any role in the body, as required. They can replace themselves as they become damaged and can multiply to order. It's amazing technology, far beyond ours at the moment. But look at the product of the sum of all those single cells working together and compare the difference. This shows us the potential power of modular assembly and the vast difference between the basic module, the single cell or organic microchip, and the product of them all communicating and functioning as one entity or being. The human being. This principle of construction we not only now understand but we exercise ourselves in the production of our own rather comparatively primitive programmable devices. Of course every working machine is the product of lesser, smaller independent parts, combining to produce something more complex and far greater. However, the principle itself is so simple that even a child can understand it because at it's most basic level it is about putting one brick on top of another on top of another on top of another. This is the principle of modular assembly which leads to us, as individual human beings, to the greater combined consciousness of our planet, and to all greater intelligence and life. Ultimately, perhaps, to that which we have come to know as God.

Personality: We now know and understand that we are basically biological machines. Sophisticated, with heart and soul, emotional, loving, caring, intelligent, but nevertheless, machines. Not like the cold, souless and heartless machines that we make. Far far in advance of that. What is the difference? Of course as human beings we have intelligent capability and we are built on an emotional framework or image, apparently God's image, which enables us to feel and relate to a range of emotions, but there is also another very important difference. We have personality! That personality is dependent on many things, but largely on the way we think and that is again dependent on many things, but two main ingredients. Our knowledge of experience and the way we choose to behave or react to experiences. How we choose to react is something that we have control over and how we exercise that control, and even if we can control ourselves, depends on how we are programmed. In other words, what have we learnt? What we have learnt, and how we react to what we have learnt will play a big part in dictating our personality, how we are at the time and what we will become in our future. This is about PE. Personal evolution, honing our being, working to get the best out of ourselves, and this now becomes a major factor if we want to improve ourselves and develop a decent personality. But, we are all given freewill, and it is up to us how use that gift and whether we invest wisely with it or whether we squander that gift on the wrong road.

The Container: The concept of spirit is something we usually associate with less than tangible things, such as vapour. It is also something that we tend to associate with thought. Thought is also not a tangible thing and thoughts cannot exist by themselves. They rely on some form of medium, hardware or holding mechanism to house them. A container within which they can exist and be acknowledged and manipulated. Thoughts are data-strings. Strings of intelligently manipulated coded energy, carrying signals, information and messages from point to point and just as a computer relies on hardware to manipulate and store data, so do we as human beings. The assembly of any train of thought can only exist within the confines of something to contain it and define it. For us, as physical human beings it is within the confines of our brains. For our planet as a whole, it is all of humanity and all of our peripheral equipment, all communicating as something vastly superior and more knowledgeable.

The Earth Being: The airwaves in and around the container we call Earth are full of information. Knowledge, conversation, thoughts, expression of feelings, control signals, music, etc. Inordinate amounts of information. That information originates from the individual components that inhabit and make up the planet, us and our peripheral bits and pieces. Lesser beings could tap into that information and even communicate with the Earth being if they knew how. Does our planet, the Earth being, have a combined overall personality? Yes, I suppose it does. Slightly mixed up, potentially grumpy and hostile, friendly and caring on flip side. Do we speak and behave as one being? No, not really, but that is largely due to faults and bad programming of the individual components that make it up, us human beings. As we can clearly see, we are not in tune, but if we were in tune and working as one, it would be a different story. A human being does function as one entity. The result is one being with intelligence and personality and an entity which is infinitely superior to a single cell, the individual components that make it up. Everything greater is the product of smaller parts coming together. However, we can also see the problems that arise when the individual parts don't get on and even turn on each other. This is cancer and our Earth being suffers from this just as we as individuals do and we will overcome this when we properly learn to get on.

By Design: We can see Earth is the medium or container for humanity and now contains all of our accumulated knowledge of experience, but of course there is one vastly larger medium or container that we call our universe. Even if life on Earth was the very beginning of consciousness in our universe, our universe would now be able to claim it is conscious and self-aware. Even if the Earth being was the only conscious entity in our universe, our universe would still have a microdot personality which could still acknowledge and communicate with any other capable life that came along. If that life were smaller and less evolved, that life may well regard our Earthly consciousness as a superior being, or God. Of course it is quite clear to some that life on this planet has been engineered and that we are very obviously not the first intelligent life form in our universe. If one looks at the whole equation, where we are, what we have, and all the surrounding circumstances, there is absolutely no chance that it is anything other than engineered by design, and very clever design. There is much more to life than at first meets the eye, or that we have currently been allowed to see, but for those that are interested, we have been given substantial clues, and anyone can tune in once they realise there is a channel.

Life Beyond? Many people simply find the concept of spiritual life too far-fetched to believe in. Consequently they think that when our physical bodies die the lights go out and that's it. However, many people have had near death experiences that indicate just the opposite and there are many books detailing these experiences. Even people on their death bed, before they've gone anywhere, are often visited by their departed loved ones, friends or relatives, that come to help them acclimatize and pass over peacefully when the time comes. Cynics put this down to the brain playing tricks, but that's because it's hard for us to understand, just as television, computers and mobile phones would have been 200 years ago. However, we are now beginning to understand that there is much more to life in this world and this universe than we have seen up until now. In fact now is a good time for us to start to work some things out because we can now see and understand much more about life and what makes it tick. Scientifically speaking we still don't understand the spiritual mechanism or conscious energy. This is another level altogether, but just because we don't currently understand it, and can't see how it works, doesn't mean we should dismiss the possibility that it exists and that that is ultimately what we are. It actually makes perfect sense. After all, ultimately we are talking about existing in and getting around space, not being tied to any one planet. That is a whole different ball game requiring a whole different set of rules. Yes, we may not see it, understand what it consists of, what mechanism it relies on, or how it works, but not so long ago the same was true of all of today's technology as well as the air we breathe. Time eventually reveals more and more.

Life Eternal? We are so used to our own physical bodies aging and dying or timing out that it is also hard for us to imagine life eternal. The fact is, common sense tells us that if we didn't have to die we wouldn't. We like to live, well most of us do, and we don't particularly want to die, but the life programme within us, just like Logan's Run, says time is up. However, we work to prolong life and we would all like to continue the experience of living and having fun. How long will it be before we work out how to nullify the aging process and prolong our life experiences in this world? We are already living far longer than we used to. But the fact is, maybe we don't have to physically live on and maybe we're not meant to, because life on Earth is simply just about giving us a taste. A taste of good and a taste of bad. It allows us to appreciate the difference and also gives us the choice of which we would choose to be. We should think about that choice and choose wisely because it just may be that technology far in advance of what we currently understand here on Earth is waiting just around the corner for us together with experiences beyond our wildest dreams and imagination, but only if we are decent.

Conscious Energy & ID Entity: There are many things to indicate that the real core of a human being is not actually the brain, it is something more central in the body and it is something that we do not know much about as yet. Whatever the technology is, it is extremely clever and something that is beyond our current understanding. We believe this to be an energy centre of some sort but a form of conscious energy. A spiritual mechanism that is our true being. From what we currently understand, conscious energy is a remarkable modular life mechanism that is not restrained by gravity. A more suitable and durable life mechanism for existing and moving about in the ocean of space. Something that has evolved or been developed over millions, perhaps billions of years. Again we on Earth don't know much about it and we certainly haven't been invited to the party as yet, but there are clues and we can glean information from people's near death experiences, people's spiritual experiences, and also by using our common sense. It appears that this is the harvestable part of our real being and data-bank that when we depart from this world will carry the sum total of our knowledge of experience from this life time. It is also our ultimate and true ID entity. It is what we actually are. The body that we inhabit in this world is just a vehicle enabling us to experience life in this physical world.

The Life Of Brain: Our organic brain is obviously a necessary part of our physical being in this world and as well as providing all of our processing power, that is our C.P.U., it provides an interface for our sensors or senses, memory and memory management facilities and all the necessary circuitry to operate our limbs and other bodily functions, all enabling us to operate in this physical world. What is the for the purpose of living this life on Earth? To get an education. To gather knowledge of experience. The foundation upon which our understanding is built. Life in this world enables us to gather concepts in the mind. We relate to those concepts and that enables us to understand things. However, when we die it appears that the true core of our being takes over. The information that we have gleaned from this life that is our knowledge of experience is all finally transferred from organic brain to our departing spirit and as this happens people see their whole lives flash before them in great detail in an instant. The transfer of data it seems is that quick. The physical body dies when it is damaged or when its time is up, and just like your car when it is damaged or knackered and has served its purpose, your body goes to the breakers and is written off, and you, the driver, go on in a vehicle something altogether different. Of course some people believe in reincarnation, and the driver of the old car comes back for another life journey in a completely new car. The reasons for this appear to be varied, however, deep hypnosis uncovers memories of past lives in some people and provides information that seems to indicate they have been here before. The world is full of mystery and things we have yet to understand.

Time To Work Things Out: Of course cynical people would decry much of this, but then many people in this world talk from a wealth of inexperience. They've only just popped into being and yet some people already think they are experts in everything. They may have discovered the end of their nose but there is a considerable amount that lies beyond it. They have only been around for a few years whereas we are talking of potential events in a universe that is nearly 14 billion years old. And that is not including the possibility of anything previous. If you said the average age of a human on Earth was 50 years old, and it isn't quite, our current universe has been around 280 million times longer. Time to work a few things out perhaps. If we said the bulk of our knowledge and understanding has been gathered and developed in the last 10,000 years, our universe has been around for 1.4 million times longer. But the truth is that we are only just beginning to see and the bulk of our current understanding has been developed in the last two hundred years. Since we learnt to exploit the fossil fuels that were so conveniently there in situ for us. The fact is we are only just beginning to realise and uncover the greater truths of our existence and the mechanics behind it. Some human beings adopt the attitude that if they can't understand it, or can't see it, it's not true, or it doesn't exist. However, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary and to indicate that this is not a good philosophy, so it is always better to keep an open mind unless we really do know for sure! Even then, life can still be full of surprises.

Eradicating Bugs: When we are told about God, we are familiar with terms such as purity and holy spirit. Another way of looking at this in a more up to date way would be to think in terms of refining quality of product over time. When we think in terms of thought, software, data, programming, we know that at times it can be susceptible to bugs, or faults and become corrupt. In developing a good piece of software, these faults, or bugs, have to be eradicated so as to make the software work properly and reliably. We as individuals are of course no different and eradicating our faults and bugs enables us to try and achieve some purity of being, incorrupt and uncontaminated, that is just. Helping us to achieve this aim was the intended core province of religions, as originally promoted by various prophets, before such religions became perverted by ignorant men. This is personal evolution, PE, refining our being, trying to become a better person, raising the bar! Doing PE enables us to get fit. Some human beings end are so badly contaminated, or unfit, that they cannot be trusted on any level to be a positive and useful component in anything. On Earth we see a kind of cancer at large where the individual parts of our Earth being are fighting and killing each other because of bad programming. We could ALL rise above this if we should so choose. However, at the moment bad attitude is rife on this planet. There is no room for this kind of mentality in any refined civilization and allowing any component part that behaves like this into a decent refined society would contaminate it and ruin it for everyone else. This is why there has to be a line drawn. But there is no person than cannot make the grade and get over the that line if they should so choose to do so.

Always! There is much we don't know about our universe at present, but one thing we think we are beginning to understand of late is that space is not exactly empty. It appears to have more substance than its name implies, even though we don't presently know what that substance or energy is. There is always more for us to uncover and always more to life than meets the eye. It is always worth us remembering that!

Invisible Network: Human beings are generally excepting of things such as wireless internet, mobile phones and bluetooth nowadays because we know it works and we understand roughly what is going on. Nevertheless, some people are still very dismissive of God and spiritual life because we don't see it and don't know how it works. However, the amount of programming code in a mobile phone is infinitesimally small compared to the amount of programming code in a human being. The electronics in a mobile phone is also archaically primitive compared to the bio-electronics of a human being. Life is very complicated, and that's just the bits we can see. There may well be an invisible communications network connecting all life that we can all tune into. Would that be so hard to understand? Perhaps, if we ask, we will find some answers!

Revelations? One way or another we can perhaps consider God as the consciousness that permeates the fabric of our universe. However, exactly what that means, the expanse involved, what it constitutes, and how we would explain the mechanism scientifically, is just a little beyond our understanding at the moment. Not to say it will be for much longer. The last two hundred years has seen mankind's understanding take an exponential leap of a magnitude not experienced by us before. That exponential leap is still ongoing at a significant rate. What we will therefore uncover in the next two hundred years remains to be seen, but no doubt, as of the recent past, it will have its fair share of very significant revelations, as yet invisible from where we currently stand!