Truth, Reality and Opinion

Under the flesh of illusion, lies a skeleton of truth!

There may be many different versions of the truth but only one can be real. The real truth can be obscured by many different opinions and as a result is not always visible. Sometimes it can be visible but simply not clear for the same reasons. There is only one truth and it fits all things and there is only one true picture that has no pieces missing. There are no holes in truth, only in people's different opinions.

Key Facts...

  • Things aren't always what they appear to be
  • People only ever see what they want to see
  • The reality we live in or what we believe to be real, may not be the truth
  • The reality that we perceive is dependent on, and directly related to, our knowledge of experience
  • Tripping is nearer the truth than reality

It is always worth bearing in mind that what we believe to be the truth may not be the truth at all but an illusion we call reality. We each create our own virtual reality, it is the way we become to perceive the world around us and what we believe to be the truth. However, it may not be the truth, just what we believe to be the truth.

Our recognition of truth depends on our abilities to perceive. Our abilities to perceive are related to concepts we hold in our minds. Our concepts are built up through accumulating knowledge of experience and depend on the types of experience. Therefore, perception is bound by knowledge of experience, the more one can accumulate in the way of knowledge of experience, the wider our range of perception can become. If we have not the necessary knowledge of experience, we may not be able to recognise the truth for what it is. The trained eye of an artist sees more about structure in a picture than someone with no knowledge of painting. Being able to recognise the truth also depends on our persons purity of motivation and a willingness to accept criticism and admit when we are wrong. A conscious effort towards improving ourselves in these areas is key to enlightenment and self-realisation.

It is always worth checking our facts and doing some research before we hold an opinion. If we hold a set opinion, we should perhaps do our best to make it an educated one. Your concept of reality and what you believe to be the truth may satisfy you, it may not satisfy others who have a different knowledge of experience, purity of motivation, or willingness to accept criticism in their search for the truth.