Hi Christian

Am I like Christ when I look down my nose
A picture of purity, a saint, I suppose
Unique is my knowledge, I know what is best
As I stand on my soap box, above all the rest!

Just look at me, as I stand there so tall
I can criticise you for being so small
For I know the Father, and answer His call
And I really do know what is best for us all

I have it sown up, have little to learn
And I bolster my ego with Christian concern
I preach from the Bible, cos I've read it throughout
And parrot like phrases come out of my spout!

But although I speak ill of others at fault
I can't seem to see, I'm no better at all
Is it myself that should go back to school?
Am I like Christ, or am I the fool?

The problem becomes when I set myself up
For then I'm not worthy to drink from His cup
I talk of the Father, and Heaven above
But then fail to show, compassion and love

I can't even muster the courage to speak
For although I pretend, in truth I am weak
In truth I am worse than the man in the street
For I talk of demands I myself cannot meet

In truth I'm a berk, with my head up my arse
And people like me make religion a farce
When will I learn I am just like the rest?
Is when it seems, I am put to the test

I hope I am ready, to admit I am small
For the higher I set myself up, I will fall
It is better to be along with the meek
And to know it's for me, the truth that I seek

When I look at myself, am I sure I am just?
Of the way I behave, of the way I mistrust?
For until I am humble, keep silent, and pray
In truth, there is nothing for Him I can say!