Tip Bits

Can't Help?
You can't help who you are, but you can help how your are and what you become!

The Gentle Touch
If you hit people with the truth it can sometimes be quite painful. It's often better to try the Gentle T ouch!

Agree To Disagree!
Unless people can learn to accept a difference of opinion and understand that people have the right to an alternative viewpoint, they will never get on, because we don't all see the world from the same angle.

No Regrets!
Don't regret those experiences in life that teach you how to be a better person!

Living With Yourself!
Everybody has to live with themselves in the light of truth!

Truth AboutYourself!
If you don't like the truth about yourself, change it!

Love Is The Force!
Love is the attraction and force that binds. Without love, there is no binding. Without binding there can be no greatness, just diminishment!

Reasons To Fight?
You can always find reasons to fight! But you can always find better reasons not to!

CT - Viewpoint, Agreement, and Understanding
Many people want us to see the world the way that they do. Sometimes they get very upset if we don't. However, by seeing things from different angles, as we all do, we can build a much better picture and understanding. There may only be one truth, but it can appear differently, depending on where we stand, or how we look at it. The more points we can see from, the better an understanding we can build up, so is important to consider all viewpoints. This is how modern day CT system works. It takes many different viewpoints and then puts them all together to get a complete and overall picture. It's the best way to establish the best way.

The Question Remains - ?
Everything that exists has been created one way or the other. The question remains as to whether it was created by conscious energy direction or by accident. Most people conclude that there is perhaps something we know as God. The question remains as to what God is. However, nothing is ever invented, only ever discovered. All things exist in principle. The question remains as to whether we can uncover them or not.

Personal Evolution (PE)
It is about what we aspire to! Not necessarily what we achieve! We work to improve - or so we should!

A Clear Conscience
Trying to know what is right, so that you can believe in what you are, but at the same time, knowing that what is right is what you aspire to become.

Telling The Truth
If you can't tell the truth, keep your mouth shut!

Is obscene and contrary to the very principles that give us life and enable life to properly function. Note, as a result, how dysfunctional life on our planet currently is.

What Suits?
What suits you at this point in your life, may not suit you in the future! Therefore, don't knock the other side, for one day you may be on it!

Always better to be friends than make enemies! Always better to make friends than be enemies!

Who Are You?
You are who you become, and you can have some say in that!

Truth is vital! If our senses lied to us, we wouldn't know where we stood It's a good job nature realises the value of honesty. The conscious search and acknowledgement of truth, both inside and out, is the only way to self-realisation. Understanding cannot be achieved by running away from the truth. Let us not turn our back on it, for sooner or later the truth catches up with all people. Keep up the art of information accuracy. Even if it hurts at first, be honest and it won't hurt at last!

It is a wiser man that sees the world through other people's eyes as well as his own!

Stupid World?
It's not the stupid world that's the problem, it's the stupid people!

Better a disappointing day than a disappointing life!

Do you believe everybody should be entitled to their own opinion? Are you comfortable if someone offers an opinion different to your own? Do you naturally assume they are wrong and you are right? Remember there is only one truth! But it may appear differently depending on where you stand or how you look at it!

Even though I feel sad when I see the things we do to each other, I know that it is necessary for our education. For when we impose our will on others, I know it is our education that is lacking. However, if it were true that imposition was the only way, the New Testament would have been a very different story!

Some people are simpletons and they don't question, they just follow instructions regardless of right or wrong!

Yes, I do make mistakes, but I don’t make them on purpose! Yes, I am not perfect unlike some people like to think they are! Unfortunately, others may not benefit from my mistakes! Fortunately, I may benefit, as I would hope to avoid making that mistake twice!

What do I see? Not a lot sometimes!

How High Is The Bar?
It never pays to think we are better than, or above, anyone else and we should never find ourselves using God, religion, or the Bible, as an reason to look down on, persecute, disparage, or shun, any other, for when truly put to the test any one of us would fail! There is always a bar, it is only a question of how high it is set!
Hi Christian....

Faith Alone
Faith alone is for the shallow minded. Understanding only ever comes from deep inside. To understand how something works, you have to get inside and have a good look around, you cannot appreciate from the outside alone. Always wise to question, not always wise to presume to know the answers. It is not always necessary to understand. Faith alone can be enough!

Past, Present, and Future
The past is important, because it defines the present, but what really matters now, is the future.

Just Because....
Just because things can always be worse, is no reason why they can't be better!
Just because you don't see something, doesn't mean it's not there!
Just because someone else behaves the way they do, doesn't mean that you have to!

Famous Misjudgement
Only God can judge me! Wrong! Everyone can, and will, judge you!
Unable to forgive, or live and let live, some will even hold things against you!

Not Perfect?
I know none of us are perfect, but if we all make just a little effort to do the right thing, it should be enough!

The Real Appreciation
We have much given to us in this world, but if there was nothng left to do and we had it all just given to us, we would soon realise that life is much more satisfying, rewarding, educational and worthwhile if we can make do and learn to work our way up. That's where the real lessons begin and the real appreciation starts.

Love and Appreciation
Love and appreciation are the only things of true worth and real value!

The real currency of worth in life is appreciation. You can't give people appreciation, they have to earn it from experience. You can can give them an experience but what appreciation they get from it is still up to them.

Should One Be Quiet?
You can usually learn more by keeping one's mouth shut and listening rather than open and talking!

Common Sense
It is silly to fight and now is a good time to stop if we want to!
It is silly to think we know all the answers, but we can all know some!
The more points we can see from, the better an understanding we can build up!
The world has room for arseholes at one end of a spectrum! But there is another end!
Each and every one of us must share responsibility for the way things are!

For Us?
There is a way to love that hurts no-one, I call it truth, some call it honesty. Others deny themselves and the people they think they love, by not practicing truth, or honesty, which in the end cannot help but prevent them from realising the true value of love. Living my life and coming to terms with what I feel inside can be difficult at times. I do feel it would be nice if people were not quite so quick to criticise at times, especially when I am under stress and in difficulty. I can often agree with the critics that, ideally, some of my ways are perhaps less than desirable. All I can say is that I do have my problems and I hope to, in time, overcome them and achieve a greater understanding of myself, the world in which I live, and the people that I share it with. I hope they can say the same!

Mixed Emotions
At difficult times we may feel many things - mixed emotions! As hard as it may be at those times, we must try to focus on, and maintain, the best possible, and most positive feeling, and not allow ourselves to be overcome, or consumed, by anything less!

Don't fight criticism. Acknowledge the need for development and embrace it. I am crap, but I want to get better!

So You Think It Is Right?
Sometimes you have to do what you think is right, but, it doesn't always turn out to be so!

The Most
Sometimes people lose things that mean the most, and sometimes they mean the most when you lose them!

Two Losers!
Where there is a loser, there is not always a winner. Sometimes there can simply be two losers!

Two Heads!
Two heads are better than one, as long as they both get on!

It is always better to comment from experience as opposed to hearsay!

In The Short Term
It is easier in the short term to blame others than take a good look at yourself! However, in the long term those that can look within themselves and sort their faults out will shine much brighter than those that blame others.

A Lack Of Understanding
It is one thing to have a lack of understanding, it is another thing trying to try and browbeat people with that lack of understanding!

Just Because
Just because people don't see it, doesn't mean it isn't. Just because they don't see how, doesn't mean it can't be done. Just because they don't see why, doesn't mean there is no good reason. Just because you can, doesn't mean you have to!

Who Pays?
While the men of this world fight and squabble, it is the women and children that suffer and pay the price!

Truth Has No Hiding Place
We're all transparent when held up to the light!

Eyes Wide Open?
I only see what I see. There's a lot more that I don't see!

Finding The Answer?
Life isn't all just about believing what you are told, life is about working things out for yourself also.

Have It Right?
It's easy to think at the time that you may have it right. It's only when you look back you may know for sure!

Don't abuse your privileges and your abilities. Just because you have the knowledge, power and ability to move your leg, doesn't mean you have to use it to kick somebody.

Changing The World?
The world is not going to change overnight, otherwise it would have done a long time ago.
However, we must not let that put us off trying to put things right.

Your Benchmark and Yardstick
You can only measure things relative to the experiences you have had. The good, the bad and the in between. A to Z.

What Is True?
Just because you think something is true, or say it is true, doesn't mean it is.

Life Catches Up!
Jesus said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." In other words, treat people as you would like to be treated. Some would say this is because you will ultimately be treated as you like to treat people. Life eventually catches up with all of us! Even in death!

Elevated Perception!
Many people think that if they cannot see something it doesn't exist. Even as they breathe the air, which is invisible, and rely on radio transmission, which is also invisible, they do not appreciate that learning to see is about evolving and elevating our perception! We see much more when we do!

Anyone can speak words, but words have to be felt to be understood, and understood to be felt!

We only ever begin to see - we only ever begin to understand

Everbody Counts
Appreciate that everybody has a point of view and that they feel also

Think Fit
The state of your body is a reflection of the state of your mind

It Always Depends
It always depends on which way you look at it

Your Reality?
The reality you perceive depends entirely on the way that you think

It Pays
At times it pays to keep your thoughts definitive, don't speak too often and make your words count!

You can do what you like to yourself, but if you do it to someone else make sure you have their permission

Words mean nothing, but actions and intent, feelings and emotions

Don't ever tell yourself not to cry, when you can cry you can feel, when you can feel you have all

In Our Nature
Nobody Is Above Human Nature!

Anything New?
They say you can't do anything new, it's all been done before. But has it been done by you?

Above all else, it is most important to be able to forgive. But forgive them also, for it costs nothing to forgive. When you can learn to forgive you can expect to be forgiven. When you look inside yourself, there are not too many places to hide. It's not so easy to be the nicest person, when things are stacked against you! It is a strong man that knows his faults and can face up to and deal with them.

Selfish And Small Minded
Men are so selfish and small minded sometimes that they fight and squabble amongst themselves while their women and children die of starvation because they can’t get food.

What Is In Store?
A caterpillar knows nothing of what it's like to be a butterfly. A maggot knows nothing of what it's like to be a fly. An egg knows nothing of what it's like to be a bird. Which are all ways of saying we know nothing until we can experience what is to come.

Proud Of What We Have
Just to be able to feel and experience is enough to be proud of. We are so lucky to be here and to be able to enjoy. It is that simple.

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