A Skeleton Of Truth

Here and There

Stretching the imagination a little, one can see how mankind could choose to evolve now that we are consciously able to influence the course of our own evolution and destiny. Up until recently, mankind has had little say in the way life has evolved, nature has done the thinking for us, providing ecological and evolutionary management, and giving each of us guidance and motivation through basic animal instinct. Even our recent technology boom is a direct result of an arms race motivated by our instinct to survive and possess territory.

But is there more to mankind than meets the eye? Startling new evidence seems to indicate that there is! A puzzle is beginning to unfold which tells a story. The story reveals a way of looking at things which implies that mankind is totally missing the point. The story continues to lead us to a decision that will have to be made on behalf of all humanity, as we reach a turning point in our planet's evolution - where do we go from here, now that we are coming of age? And what is the point that we are missing?

The difference between Here and There... is T.

T = Truth, and depending on where you stand and how you look at things, it can appear very different.

The reality we create is an illusion. What we believe to be the truth is best assessed from as many different angles and viewpoints as possible in order to build up the best understanding possible. There is perhaps only one truth, but there may be many differences of opinion and opinions can and do change all the time. The picture we perceive of what we believe to be the truth is at best only an assessment. And so many differing opinions sometimes make it difficult to see clearly. The best assessment of truth we can make will be the result of sifting the sum total of all opinions. If we have left one out, it may be the one that rocks the world. There are now many things that are generally accepted to be true. And even some of these established facts of life are taking on a new appearance and a new meaning, revealing a deeper hidden truth there in. It seems that much of what we have believed to be the truth, may not be the truth at all, but our wrongly assessed judgements of it. Illusions!

Welcome to the Machine

The evolution of life on Earth can be seen to be a kind of computer programme which has caused life to evolve as we see it. The programming information or software, is stored and communicated, from generation to generation, by genes - in the shape and form of D.N.A. The evolutionary programme causes life to self-assemble, adjusting itself where necessary to suit changing conditions in its chosen environment. Evolution is a self-programming process, ever increasing in its awareness and its knowledge of experience, continually adapting itself to move into new areas and cross new boundaries. Although life is more prolific where conditions are more favourable, nature has adjusted itself to suit even the most hostile environments, thereby displaying her versatility and making the most of the planet. As nature drives ever forward, with such distinct and positive motion, she allows life to adapt and respond in a seemingly highly intelligent and positive manner to the many different conditions and stimuli to which life is exposed.

Computers cannot function without programs, known as the software. The software is coded information which when fed into a computer instructs it how to respond and behave. The computer itself and the other items that connect up with it are known as hardware. The hardware and software are an integral part, neither is of any use without the other. Our bodies are physical mechanisms, and in computer terms, can be seen as hardware. They provide nature's evolutionary machine with sensory facilities, mobility, and a means of manipulating physical objects within our environment. They provide us with an interface to the material world, allowing the mind to function constructively within an outside world as opposed to an inside one.

Life contains, within its shape and form, all the knowledge of experience processed by our evolutionary machine so far. This is the sum of our own personal memories and experiences which we have acquired in our individual lifetimes, and the instructions which govern the workings of the evolutionary machine itself, nature's own software - the evolutionary programme. The software for the creation of life on Earth in as many varied forms as we can see.

The evolutionary programme gathers knowledge of experience via its sensory facilities, storing it and assessing it as it goes, teaching itself, adding knowledge to the original basic instruction, the foundation laid down by nature herself in the design of the original single cell. The evolutionary programme continues to assemble new life out of dust, drawing on a vast range of elements and raw materials present in the makeup of our planet and putting them together in a vastly complex and coordinated fashion. With nature's software and a suitable location, the only extra ingredient necessary to create life is the power to drive the construction process, and this colossal amount of energy is provided by our own sun.

Accident or Design?

Out of all the different life forms we see on this planet, mankind is the only one with enough mind power to be able to consciously recognise, understand and relate to the mechanism of life itself. What has previously been a secret of God alone is now becoming within the scope of mankind's current awareness and understanding. How far we have progressed and seemingly all within the blink of an eye. Mankind, however, may be old enough to begin to recognise the principles of our existence, but learning to apply them seems to be taking us a little longer. In our quest to understand the complexity and sophistication of the engineering that has gone into our own makeup, we are uncovering the truth that is the key to our own survival and undeniable evidence that we are not alone. Life on land has been around for more than 300 million years, modern man suddenly appeared on the scene about 100,000 years ago, one three-thousandth of the time, in evolutionary terms just a fraction of a second. To look at it another way, if life on land had begun 3 years ago, modern man has been around for just two and a half hours. An event which would drastically change the future of this planet beyond recognition, the sudden appearance of a life form capable of mindlessly destroying itself and the nature of that which created it. Why would any mother risk all for the sake of such inconsiderate and dangerous offspring as mankind? She must be confident that she can win. And the fact is, we know that she can! Mankind is quite capable of achieving harmony with nature, living in peace with the planet and perhaps making a constructive contribution to science and NEW technology in this universe. But it will take a bit of appreciation and realisation, and a willingness to admit that the only thing big about mankind so far, is his ego and his ability to make a mess of things!

Conscious Energy Direction

By now we are able to see that nothing generally creates itself unless instructed to do so, and even the incredibly simple task of stacking two bricks symmetrically on top of one another needs some form of conscious energy direction, i.e. engineering and supervision by an intelligence. Try getting a computer to do such a simple task and one begins to appreciate how complex it is to achieve things we humans just take for granted. Sooner or later many if not all people ask the question - is there a God and, if so, has he had a hand in our creation? As many would have us believe, there are many things to indicate yes and many things to indicate no, or are there? There are many people who do not believe in a God simply because of the way they see others behaving. But when scientists look for ways of justifying a creation without conscious energy direction, they may tend to overlook the fact that even their own experiments don't conduct themselves. And regardless, it is at least worth considering the possibility that we are here not by accident, but by design. That doesn't mean to say that at some time in the history of the universe consciousness didn't perhaps come about by chance, but one has to ask, was it before our current time? Much much before, perhaps?

Feeling the Flow

At any point in time, the sum total of our evolutionary achievement (whether for an individual, for the whole planet, or for the whole universe) can be considered as the current programme. Current refers to the present stage of development or growth in the programme. The programme follows a sequence, a flow of events, in a way which can be likened to the flow of a river. So the current level of development can be known as the current level, and the current flow of events can be described as the current flow. It is by feeling and observing this flow that enables an individual to be in harmony with nature, and to be a productive and positive asset to the overall machine. It is also the ever conscious positive motivation of the current programme that is the key to evolution.

Greater Overall Dynamic

GOD - a dimension achieved as a result of the sum total of all things working as one?

Additional Information

New knowledge of experience is ever being received by the sensors, stored in memory, and sifted by the mind. All information is sifted with reference to the original and the current programme, the comparison enables the current programme to decide how to respond and further develop. At its simplest level more knowledge means more facilities and greater power. This is a fully automatic function of the programme. But what provides a butterfly with the intelligence and ability to change its colour just because the trees where it lives have become sooted and blackened by a nearby factory? And how did a polar bear know that increasing its size would enable it to become more efficient in preserving its body heat? How dumb is an animal?

The Spectrum of Reality

Our reference library, the picture of reality we perceive and relate to is built up on a binary spectrum of opposites. Everything has an opposite. The two opposite ends are like two bookends on a bookshelf, in between the bookends are the books, which represent the perceivable range of information, the relevant spectrum. The range of this spectrum depends on our current level of development. Any single spectrum can be represented by books on a shelf and the two bookends represent the extremes of our perceivability.

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z
Book end Books A to Z Book end

Range of perceivable information or awareness is dependent on one's knowledge of experience there may always be more possible letters but they have to be uncovered. Sight (or any other facility) can be represented by a single spectrum, and the bookends on this occasion would represent the lowest frequency we can see which is red, and the highest which is violet, frequencies outside this spectrum we cannot perceive. But also our total sensory range can be represented by one overall spectrum, where each letter represents one sense, or one emotion (emotional facilities come from internal senses), or one concept (a picture or an idea able to be held and experienced in one's imagination).

Understanding is built from relational experiences and the more points that one can relate to the greater one's understanding becomes. There may always be more possible letters, the A to Z represents one's current level of perception and understanding. If you had a wider range of books you would have more to draw from and more to relate to. The mind is able to relate incoming information to both ends of any particular spectrum. For example... Grey comes somewhere in the middle of black and white, this we are more or less sure of, because you are familiar with both black and white, the two opposite ends of a spectrum, when observing a shade of grey you can know whether it is dark grey or a light grey depending on which end of the spectrum it falls. You relate what you are sensating to knowledge of experience inside your own head, stored from previous similar encounters. The grey falls inside our perceivable spectrum. It is true to say you cannot know and appreciate the meaning or the value of one end of the spectrum without some experience of the other. As they say, everything is relative! And it's very true!

The Fundamental Opposites of Binary Existence

We perceive and relate to reality by building up conceptual images based on degrees of the spectrums that span the fundamental binary opposites...

From left to right, good to bad, yin to yang, everything has an opposite and there are many shades of grey in between.
On * * * * * * * * * * * * Off
Light * * * * * * * * * * * * Dark
High * * * * * * * * * * * * Low
Yes * * * * * * * * * * * * No
Up * * * * * * * * * * * * Down
Forward * * * * * * * * * * * * Backward
Inward * * * * * * * * * * * * Outward
Love * * * * * * * * * * * * Hate
Good * * * * * * * * * * * * Bad
Right * * * * * * * * * * * * Wrong
Yin * * * * * * * * * * * * Yang
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z

Although nature may define much of what we can perceive, so can we have a deliberate and dramatic effect on the range of our perceivable information. We all have the ability to switch off, to close our minds, to be narrow in outlook, to become inflexible, and possibly insensitive. The range of spectrums we can perceive are our sum total awareness. A spectrum always has two ends and to perceive the reality you need to be familiar with both ends. It has been said that you can't fully appreciate love without some knowledge of hate. And how could you know the disadvantages of working in the dark if you'd never worked in the light? It is experience of the contrast that enables the appreciation. The more information we can store or access the greater we become. As an independent life form with its own memory you can store many experiences in a lifetime, process a vast amount of information and make many major decisions. But all that you may decide is but a fraction compared to that done for you. For you to exist as a human being involves a colossal amount of information to be processed, countless decisions to be made, and much communication, cooperation and conscious effort on behalf of tiny little component parts smaller than a pinprick. Your single cells. All of these actions and decisions that create and control your bodily machine are automatically undertaken, with precision, by nature's basic programming - there is no need for us to even think about such things. Mankind is free to devote his conscious mind space to other things. But what?

And so the current programme continues to both guide its own development and the development of its hardware, the mechanical parts of the body, evolving them in form where necessary to suit its needs. Information regarding bodily functions and the current environment is compared to the current programme and decisions are made by the thousands every second of waking consciousness, all of this is taken care of by automatic body systems. In an ever positive and forward motion our evolutionary programme continues to increase its capabilities, furthering its development and enabling an increase in the spectrum of perceivable information. The amount of knowledge of experience stored in memory continues to spiral upwardly in a never ending, ever leisurely stroll along the path to the knowledge of all time. With this evolutionary assembly comes the continuing expansion of our understanding potential or mind power - the main reason for doing all of this.

Information Sorting and Transfer

Information sorting and transfer takes place in sleep, and some dreams are a by-product of this action. When people's conscious minds stir as in dream sleep one's consciousness can experience the transfer and sorting of information in the brain, in the form of dreams. Because of the way sorting takes place, ie. it doesn't occur in exact sequence, dreams can often be a mixture of weird experiences, often not relating to each other at all. Information in the brain is catalogued in order of priority and importance, new and relevant information that you are constantly using is always stored in prime access memory, as information ceases to be used or considered important, it is transferred further down the access rail and new, more relevant information is catalogued in its place. It is all still in there, buried in the archives of your being, perhaps this is why hypnosis can often uncover things that we didn't even know were here, or that were otherwise long forgotten. Information sorting and transfer is a continual and important life process without which one's memory functions would fail to operate effectively. Information is catalogued in importance by being over written in memory. The more one uses particular knowledge and information the more emphasised it becomes in memory. Memory space is allocated to one's knowledge of experience by an 'organic time processor'. This enables each human being to relate past experiences to present. Information can be edited and chopped about to make up new experiences, as in dreams, out of other, previously recorded, different 'strings' of experiences. In certain circumstances one can achieve control over one's dream and direct the sequence of events. The resulting experience will be based on your own knowledge of experience that you have recorded in past life, although none of the dream may have actually ever happened outside of the arena of your own imagination, inside your mind. While you are living your dream, it is your reality, even though when you wake you realise it as just a dream, it gives you an understanding of how you can think and believe reality to be one thing, when the real 'truth' is actually another.

In Making Up One's Mind

In life one can see that some principles work and some don't. And the principle that says it's not the amount that matters, but the principle, does! Principles of existence are not dependent upon size, a single cell, a single human being, a single planet such as Earth, or even the single totality of all existence, in any case the principles are the same. And in any such case the mind can be considered as the 'total intellect or software capability, that is held within the confines of the relevant hardware'. The principles that have been applied by nature work (fortunately), they are good solid foundations upon which to evolve a productive event. One such productive event is mankind. But what is so special about mankind?

And bearing in mind that we can observe, and we can observe the fact that we can observe is the result of billions of years of evolutionary engineering and the continuous assessment and sorting of billions of bits of information - who has done all the sorting? Or have we shared it? In fact, who are we? And who has the original programme that first kicked the wheels of life into motion on planet Earth?

One can see that, as evolution is an entirely self-controlled process dependent only upon the right conditions and energy being available, the only thing necessary to start a project as complex as life on Earth is the makeup of the original gene. Once you have this blueprint, starting a family the size of life on Earth, is as simple as planting a seed, the original programme. As all life on Earth is based on the same foundation in its design, variations in the species are as simple as varying the strings of instructions according to one's requirements. The main structure for the variation of species can even be programmed into the original gene, so as to 'time-bomb' on a schedule. However, flexibility is important and changes can be made to cater for events, unforeseen or otherwise, at any time. But who controls destiny? And why has our evolutionary programme led us to be in such great danger, as if unavoidable? It is time for us to mind our change!

The Size of Intelligence?

The dinosaurs were a clear indication to man that intelligence and brain power are not dependent upon size. The single cells that make up the human body (and all life on Earth), can be viewed as highly complex, individual 'organic-micro-chips', each being a small chip within a large block. Each type of cell in the body has a different job to do and each single cell has its own central computer, its own nerve centre or brain, called the nucleus. The nucleus controls the cell's functions and houses the cells memory. Facts and instructions are stored in the shape and form of the molecules which make up the D.N.A. - the string of instructions.

The D.N.A. contains the software, the programming information, enough information in each single cell to fill a small library of over a thousand books. Each single cell has its own independent structured intelligence (i.e. independent of the whole), and is capable of making judgements regarding its own reaction upon meeting any different likely set of circumstances. This allows the cell to maintain flexibility within the situations that it may find itself. Each cell is capable of communicating with its neighbour, and each cell is capable of feeling the greater force from the unity of the whole that it makes up, in the same way that we can be influenced by forces that govern us. But the single cell does in fact have its own freewill and is capable of making conscious, thought out decisions involving its lifestyle and its purpose in life, it can commit itself accordingly. The single cell in our body is very intelligent and has all the faculties, in principle, of its larger customer or user - you. Parallel assembly gives more of the same.

In many ways, single cells can be seen to be more intelligent in their behaviour than average human beings on this planet. They do know how to function more effectively within the very complex and caring social order and network that we find belonging to something like that of the human body. Each cell is committed to doing its particular job in sustaining the whole. This positive and caring attitude of cooperation enables greater powers of reasoning and intelligence to exist in a world otherwise that would only be populated by even smaller microbes.

Being as intelligent as a single cell means at least not telling lies, being able to trust each other, not stealing or being unfair in any way. Not holding our judgements or criticisms against others to the extent where they affect efficiency, not being prejudiced. Being prepared to share resources and help those in greater need. Giving care and consideration for the other life forms that contribute in the makeup of the whole. Unfortunately most human beings on this planet don't even fit into the first line. We have a lot to learn.

Micro Storage Capability

As we now know, each and every single cell in the human body carries in its memory, all of the details of the construction and makeup of its owner, from the size of your nose, to the colour of hair, from the number of toes on each of your feet, to the number of arms and legs. Plus all information needed to assemble individual cells together in the right order and assign each individual cell its particular job. Plus all necessary information controlling automatic bodily functions and natural instincts. Each and every single cell in the body contains a carbon copy of all of this information stored in its memory. This information, you could call it the gen, is the product of nature's original basic programming, combined and sorted with all relevant information of knowledge of experience, gathered by the hardware's sensory perception, over the one billion years of evolution, since the advent of single cell life in the sea. One hundred, thousand, billion (100,000,000,000,000) single cells are connected to work together to create a single human being. That means that before a person learns anything new, enough information has gone into his or her personal makeup to fill one hundred, million, billion books. Each single human being is a highly complex and sophisticated, self-programming, self-repairing, mobile machine that can store information and communicate with others. Each individual person, plant and animal can be viewed as a single component in the circuitry of the vast computer mechanism that we call life on Earth, each component life form having its own role to play in supporting the integrated planetary mechanism, the mind and body of Mother nature.

Life Principles

We are starting to base our own computer principles on the very same principles that have been used in our makeup, aiming to provide similar facilities - self-programming or the ability to learn for oneself by experience, computers that think and reason, computers with emotions, and computers that can repair themselves, mobile computers. In our attempt at "creating them in our own image" we have done little but try and mimic the actions and understanding of those life principles that we see are already in action, and a technology far more complex than anything presently engineered by mankind on Earth. For billions and billions of years the conscious energy that permeates our universe (in what ever life form it may have been at the time) has been applying the latest technology in building and evolving the totality of our conscious abilities, of which life on Earth is but a small part, in itself - a single cell. The whole of creation is built on the simple principles of cellular and modular construction. Even children can understand these.

Computers of today have just one 'brain' or central processor, computers of the future, called transputers, will have many 'brains' or central processors, all working together and sharing the load. It's ironic that the main problem with transputer development is getting the individual processors to communicate effectively with each other, the same problem that we human central processors suffer from in our planetary transputer, Earth. We spend billions of pounds each year on information technology research, and yet we regard our own, far superior, technology of human life so cheaply. Life on Earth, as complex as it seems to us, and as efficient as it may be, is just a machine, and as such needs careful consideration in order to get the best out of it, both for the individual person and for the planet as a whole. And so as not to damage either through not reading the instructions properly.

Life on Earth we hope will continue to convert the sun's energy into knowledge of experience. We hope that humanity will soon learn to live and work together as a worldwide team! Like it should be! We hope that this understanding will be achieved by all people as part of a basic education, that will rid crime from the streets and put an end to suffering on this planet. Mankind will then be realising dreams and fantasies far beyond his current level of understanding. The human mind is a very sophisticated piece of computer engineering. And just because the technology of human life is organic flesh and blood, doesn't mean that it has not been created by an intelligent creator. When a child is conceived there is an original act that sets the wheels of its life programme in motion. And long ago on this planet that was the same for life on Earth. Computers don't just fall into being, they are engineered both inside and out. But to create life can be as simple and enjoyable as making love. The complexity is all in the programme and nature does all the work for us. But it seems that the kind of machinery we see in the form of life on Earth is so sophisticated that it can only be the result of billions of years of information technology research, life on Earth it seems, is state of the art engineering, the latest technology in a creation of life programme that dates back billions and billions of years. Mankind has been consciously designed and engineered to purpose. The engineering is sophisticated but we can see it. And it seems we have relatives in space, mankind is born of the heavens after all. On Earth we are a relative pimple in terms of time and space, and yet already we have achieved information technology and artificial communications capabilities. How much more have we achieved since the beginning of time? Is there really so much more to mankind than meets the eye? And who are our relatives? Where are they?

The Freewill Syndrome

As we know life on Earth has achieved self-programming capabilities which rise over and above nature's original basic. Increased consciousness of self and self-existence have enabled us to perceive the basic fundamental opposites of right and wrong, as defined by our conscience. Now that we can recognise these, we can also choose to ignore them. Our evolutionary programme has achieved freewill, but so far, not in everyone for the better! People who choose to go against the flow of conscience are bugs in the programme. Why do we do it?

As our programme grows it becomes more aware of itself, just like a young child growing up. Once it becomes old enough it can take control of its own destiny. However, there are certain changes of life that our evolutionary programme has still to go through, before we can be sure that it will reach security in its adulthood. On Earth our freewill is relatively young, it still has much to learn about itself. It has to grow, to develop its understanding. As it grows it makes mistakes simply because it does not fully understand the areas it is exploring. Mistakes due to inexperience can sometimes result in premature extinction through an accident of ignorance. As is said a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. We all have to develop our road sense before our parents entrust us to be out on our own.

The freewill syndrome arises as a result of a young conscious entity trying to establish its own freewill and be independent of its parents. Because it is young the entity doesn't have the relative experience of its older and wiser parents. Without guidance from its parents it is prone to make mistakes. These errors of judgement are as a direct result of the inexperience of the entity's own freewill in choosing what to do and how to behave. Trying to stand up on one's own two feet often precedes falling back down on all fours.

The freewill syndrome can be observed in family life - the teenage can be a most worrying time for parents. A teenager will often rebel, reaching a point in his or her personal evolution where they become more aware of themselves, feeling the need to act independently of their parents, making their own decisions, wanting to go their own way, even though they might go against their parents' wishes. Often deliberately just being awkward. Lack of experience and appreciation often results in teenagers making mistakes (such as fighting, stealing, damaging property, causing accidents), mistakes that we can see in mankind himself. If we regard nature as the mother and God as the father, or the seed of energy which caused the birth of life on Earth; then mankind is definitely a very rebellious teenager, fighting amongst himself and slowly destroying his parents' house - i.e. the planet and its ecology! And at this moment, heading towards our very own premature extinction. You can hardly say that we're behaving in a sensible and grownup manner.


The people who are running the planet, i.e. the world leaders, either are not fully aware of what they are doing, or they don't care! Either way it means that young people are growing up in a dead end situation on a planet that could become so badly damaged, it may be beyond repair, even for nature herself. This problem won't affect our governments because most of them are old people and seem to think they haven't got to worry too much. But what about our younger generations, how can we provide a security in the knowledge that they do have a future and that so does their planet?

The Bare Bones

Different people and different organisations have tried to come to terms with some of these problems in the past. Some of these organisations are what have come to be known as religion. Unfortunately the very problems that religion sets out to overcome, corrupt the very religions themselves. Religious movements often become twisted to suit man's own selfish and misinformed ways. They often get hung up on various petty issues that have nothing to do with anything that really matters. They sit around discussing the colour of God's knickers, or whether she wears any, and do little for people that really need!

Religious movements often dress up and disguise the real truth of God in pomp and ceremony, hypocrisy and misinterpretation. The understanding of many of our religious organisations leaves a lot to be desired! Many of the things that they advocate are not truth in the eyes of God, Buddha, Christ, or even common sense. God is a vast and infinite mind, He's not concerned with the small-minded, manmade differences that seem to concern so many of us. God is not exclusive to church-goers, non-drinkers, non-smokers, or people who don't fart in public places. God is for everyone no matter who we are or what we may have done. God does not say that rock music is evil! He does not say that you mustn't use contraception! He does not say that you mustn't transfuse blood! He does not say don't enjoy yourself. What He does say is simply this...

"Out of life you may have who and what you like, as long as you don't tread on who and what you like to get it!"

Simple enough to understand! Let's not overcomplicate it.

And so faith and belief in God does not make us flawless, give us total understanding or give us the authority to dictate to people, whether they're of the same religion or not. Having risked all for the sake of freewill, one can appreciate that people who lay down the law and enforce it are violating a person's fundamental right to choose. This is a sin at any level and people who do this kind of thing in the name of God definitely do more harm than good. Unfavourable behaviour by unthinking religious people and organisations has in the past put many people off from perhaps uncovering greater truths about the life around us.

Personally? I would like to see all religious movements giving thought to why so many people think there is no truth in God, and many that do believe are confused about their feelings, lifestyle, and, or sexuality. Much of the time trying to live practically within a religion that goes against the grain of common sense! Common sense should be enough. Religion, much of the time seems to get in the way.

Common Sense

Common sense is the guide that mankind was given, and it is perhaps the one we should be using. So where are we going wrong? Religions may be helping the individual but they are not helping the whole. Religious leaders who cannot get their heads together are probably misemployed politicians. But all people who hold positions of responsibility should be accountable. The truth needs to be brought out into the open once and for all. And for small-minded people who may not agree or stand in the way, it is true to say that you can put forward a case for improving issues that are fundamental to the very nature of our existence, but not to sit around bickering about issues which, in the eyes of truth, are strictly the choice of an individual, and shall forever remain so."

God is concerned about people and the way in which we behave towards each other! Not just some people but all people, mankind as a whole! Although the manmade elements of the old religions are very contradictory, and tend to turn people off religion, the underlying truth, the real meaning of religion, runs in every religion, and it views a person as a person, it views mankind as a whole, not as black, white, Russian, American, Catholic or Protestant, but as a human being. The real essence of religion tries to come to terms with man's existence in the universe and his relationship with that which we have come to know as God. The combined consciousness of our universe. It doesn't just regard all humans as being equal, but all life itself, no matter how large or how small, everything plays its part. The realisation of this underlying truth, the skeleton of truth in all religions, is as important today as it ever was, in fact, more so, because time could be running out. This very basic and fundamental law of existence is well within the scope of our understanding. For mankind on Earth the pressure builds, if we don't work it out soon, we may not get the chance! So we must forget the manmade differences in the old religions, and propose a new and up to date system, which suits the needs of mankind as a whole, and still seeks to understand our relationship with the universe that we see, and the universe that we don't see, because undoubtedly this skeleton of truth is still the key to our success and the furtherance of evolution on the planet Earth.

The real question we all have to answer is whether we are prepared to consider the whole or not...

If every time you come to a question you answer it for the whole...

Yes or No?


You will know all the answers to mankind's current problems.

If you can only answer it for part...

you will only have part of the answer!

Mankind will only survive if we can apply all the answers.

All or None!

Since the birth of Jesus we can see that, if we regard each century as equal to one year, mankind is coming up to his twenty-first birthday. At the moment we are still suffering from all the problems and ailments that we would normally associate with the teenage years. If we all make the effort, we may be able to achieve maturity in time to receive the key of the door that is perhaps promised. There is certainly one thing that is now becoming clear, and that is that there will be no going on as we have been. It is time to stop, think, and look both ways; and then choose one way or the other. It is not a crossroads that mankind has now reached, it is a T junction!

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