Religion and Football

Who Do You Support?

  • Religions are like football clubs
  • They all have their own supporters
  • All supporters think their club is the only one that matters
  • All supporters are loyal towards their particular club
  • Supporters don't generally support rival clubs
  • There can be tremendous rivalry between supporters of the various clubs
  • Sometimes they even fight
  • They often have their own colours or dress code which they associate with their particular club

One Thing In Common! Although all of the above is true, all football supporters have one thing in common. The love of football. All supporters of religion should also have one thing in common. The love of God. However, without doubt, God would say there is no room for disagreement in religion. Just as with football, the rules should be the same for every club. At the moment, with religion, that cannot be seen to be the case, as every religion has its own set of rules. If every football club were to behave like that, football would be in a mess, probably not unlike that which we see with our religions. Perhaps it is time to rethink our ways and get in tune!