A Skeleton Of Truth - Only God Knows!

"Anyone who claims to be a representative working in the name of God, or claims to represent God,
has a responsibility to think very deeply about what they do, say and promote in the name of God."

Past Roots: What exactly is God's opinion? God knows, but do we? Looking around, one has to conclude that presently we have got much of it wrong. This is underlined by the fact that there are so many differences of opinion in religion and, unless God is a very mixed up and confused being, they can't all be right.

Different Denominations: All our major religions are sub-divided into sub-groups, which again, can all have different beliefs and a different approach to life. Christianity itself, with a membership of approximately two billion, is further sub-divided into something like 3,000 different denominations and that is before we begin to look at the other major religions in the world.

Common Elements: There are some common elements in our religions, things that we can perhaps all agree on and could consider that God would also agree with. There is also much that currently does not fit into this category. It is important that we take a long hard look at ourselves and at that which we promote in the name of God. If it is not tasteful, there is no place for it in any religion that associates itself with God.

Education & Freewill: Although you wouldn't think so, looking at the way some religions are, it is clear that God does not choose to dictate, bully, impose, or oppress, instead he prefers to teach and educate, allowing people the privilege of freewill and being able to make up their own minds! All people can find their way if they should choose to do so, but, it is up to them and that is how it is meant to be!

Fashion In Religion? Although different religions have adopted different dress codes and lifestyle choices particular to that religion, it must be clearly understood that these are largely a product of the particular religion and the men that have fashioned it. The individual quirks of individual religions are not the quirks of God, they are the quirks of men. As we may expect, God is only interested in one thing, and that is whether we are good or bad.

A Particular Religion? Although many of us are groomed from birth or even forced into particular religions, it is not a requirement by God to belong to any particular religion, or to belong to any religion at all. All people are equally important in God's eyes, whether they belong to a religion or not. God is simply concerned with whether a person is good or bad and being in a religion does not guarantee a person will be good.

Do Bad Things: Religion does not always help a person to be good or behave appropriately. In some cases, as we have seen many different instances of over the years, religion can and does really screw people up causing them to do bad things, completely contrary to anything we may consider as Godly.

Until The Day: Until the day when God himself properly makes his thoughts and feelings known, we must understand that what we are told by men on behalf of God may not accurately represent anyone or anything but themselves. All religion is archaic. That means it was born and defined a long time ago. It also means it was defined by men with less understanding than we are capable of today.

Up To Date: Now is a good time to give some thought to bringing all religion up to date and uniting all people with a common understanding that encompasses only modern qualities fit to be associated with God. That means some elements we have been told and / or currently accept in the name of religion must change!