A Skeleton Of Truth - Good Or Bad!

There is only one criterion that really matters and that is the measure of whether we are good or bad. Many people have their own definition of what is good and bad but people are also misled and misinformed by many of the things said and portrayed inaccurately as bad in different religions. A simple measure of whether we are getting it right or not is to ask ourselves if we leave a smile on people's faces. Alternatively do we leave a trail of victims? If we are the former, we are on target, if we are the latter, we need to change our ways!

Things Contrary To Good...

  • Are you treading on others in the pursuit of your goal?
  • Are you causing harm or upset to others?
  • Are you oppressive and abusive towards others?
  • Are you greedy and overly selfish?
  • Do you cheat people or lie to try and deceive people?
  • Do you fail to consider other people's feelings?
  • Do you lack appreciation and respect?

If you can answer yes to any of the above, there is certainly some room for improvement.