A Skeleton Of Truth - Finding Your Way!

And God should have said unto man... "You can have who and what you like out of life, as long as you don't tread on who and what you like to get it! Life is for living, so enjoy yourself. I have no problem with any of the things you do as long as you hurt no other!" In fact, that is what God does say but man has seriously corrupted his word!

"We all have to find our own way in life, and that is the idea. Religion, if it can be of help at all, is supposed to help guide us. However, religion presently causes significant problems because some people think religion requires compliance to an assorted multitude of different things, which all vary significantly from religion to religion. These things are not actually the will of God they are the will of men and are not in the least a requirement of God. Most of the things listed are completely voluntary and it makes no difference what we should choose, however, some of the things listed and currently promoted in the name of religion involve bullying, imposition, abuse, child abuse and even murder. These things represent a serious breach of God's ways should not be carried out in anyone's name, never mind in the name of God!"

   There is no requirement to dress in any particular way, it is entirely up to you
Although various religions and leaders of religions adopt certain styles and dress codes, haircuts, hats, beards, robes, etc, there is no requirement to dress any particular way. Dress code is strictly a matter for individual choice.

   There is no requirement to marry, but do so if you wish
Although many people, some for religious reasons, have encouraged marriage over the years it is a manmade institution and completely voluntary. Marriage has become a tradition that many people choose to undertake, however, as we all know the, important commitment of love is in the heart and marriage is no real guarantee of a lasting commitment or happiness. We should do what makes us happy and make the most.

   There is no requirement not to divorce
Marriage is not be all and end all, as many of us eventually find out in life. Therefore it is important to be able to move on if and when circumstances change and call for it.

   There is no requirement to sexually mutilate young children of either sex by circumcision
Mutilation of young children's sexual organs is a very disturbing and unfortunate tradition and a serious form of child abuse. Abuse of any kind is completely wrong and contrary to God's wish.

   There is no requirement to attend church, but go if you wish
Church provides a lot of comfort for many people but it is a voluntary thing that helps some people. Church groups also provide a social environment and a sense of camaraderie and belonging and can help people in many ways, especially at difficult times.

   There is no requirement to not be gay
Be true to yourself. It's no one else's business. Anyone who has a problem with people being LBGT is the one with the problem, not the other way around. People should not blame God for their own ignorant and square attitude.

   There is no requirement to not enjoy sex
Sex is for pleasure and recreation as well as for procreation. Ever since religion began people in religion seem to have had hang-ups about sex which they want to wrongly impose upon others. The hang-ups are theirs, let them not infect everyone else with them.

   There is no requirement to not use contraception
Contraception is an essential aid for avoiding unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and it is wrong of anyone to say that we shouldn't be using it. There are enough children in this world, and as it is we can't or don't manage to look after them all. We don't want to be adding unplanned pregnancies to that and we do not need more people being infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

   There is no requirement to observe or celebrate religious dates and festivals, but do if you wish
Observation and celebration of times and dates is up to individuals

   There is no require to oppress, bully or force opinion on anyone
Let people make up their own mind.

   There is no requirement to demean or oppress women
Demeaning and oppressing anyone is wrong and no less so just because a person is female. No one has the right to behave in this manner towards anyone, regardless of which sex they are.

   There is no requirement to prevent others from leading their own life
Religion often seems to give some people the impression that they know better on behalf of others, to the point where they can tell them, even backing it up with bullying, how to live their life. This is wrong. It is not their life to live and they have right to presume otherwise. It is better to get one's own house in order.

   There is no requirement to kill on behalf of God!

God is not about killing and people that promote death and misery in the name of God will not find it easy to face up to what they have done.

   There is no requirement to pray, but if you wish, reflection and assistance can help at times
Reflecting and searching inside one's being is essential on the road to self-improvement and sometimes a bit of spiritual help can benefit us all. Meditation, prayer and contemplation are all positive and useful aspects on the road to enlightenment. Even if we choose not to pray for help or inspiration, it certainly helps for us to consider who we are, what we may have done, where we want to go in life and what we may ultimately want to become. Facing up to the truth within is the only way to deal with these things and raise the bar.

   There is no requirement to support any particular football team, unless it is mankind united
Religion is, and should be, an individual choice, just like supporting a football team. It should not be forced upon anyone. People should be free to make up their own mind. As with football teams, the rivalry that exists between religions divides mankind right across the globe. However, religion should not be dividing mankind, it should be uniting mankind. As God would say, there is only one Mankind United! Or at least, there should be!
Religion and Football

   And God sayeth unto man...
"Be good to one another and look after what you have been given!"