It seems that God has said some very strange things over the years. Or at least this what we are being told by some people in the name of religion. Does this make sense? Is it even common sense? Or are we to think that God has no common sense? No, more likely the case that we are being misinformed in God's name!

And God said...

"You must not give your son a blood transfusion!"
(Even though he is dying and you have the power to save him)

"You must not use a condom!"
(Even though you may contract aids, or some other STD, or cause unwanted pregnancy)

"You must kill the infidel!"
(God said you must kill?)

"He is on your side!"
(and yours, and yours, and yours....!)

"He will make you a martyr if you blow yourself up and kill innocent people!"
(Yes, you will be a martyr if you kill innocent people!)

"He will reward you in Heaven for killing innocent people!"
(God will reward or killing innocent people?)

"You can't use modern technology!"
(Even though you are God's own modern technology)

"You can't be gay!"
(Even though he made you that way!)

"You cannot end your own life when you are terminally ill."
(Even though it is your own life and he gave it to you to do with as you would wish)

"You can eat beef but you cannot eat pork!"
(And you can eat pork but you cannot eat beef!)