A Skeleton Of Truth

Religion can be a very positive thing, providing people with a sense of belonging, time for reflection, food for thought, comfort and even purpose in life. However, when corrupted it can also be a very negative thing, disuniting people, causing unnecessary rivalry and inciting people to behave in ways that are less than Godly!

There Is Belief and There Is Truth!

"Religion is man's interpretation of God and God's opinion. Unfortunately man can often be wrong!
Everyone is entitled to hold their own opinion and think differently but not to blame it on God!"

We can perhaps believe in God and our spiritual existence but not always in man’s interpretations of what God thinks. People think they're different and even have cause to fight because they follow different interpretations of antiquated religious books. Everyone thinks they've got it right in religion, however, plainly this cannot be true, otherwise all religions would be in agreement, in tune and singing from the same hymn sheet. Currently they are not. Some parts of religion defy common sense and that implies that God has no common sense. A bit unfair perhaps?

A Skeleton Of Truth is aimed at the heart of the discrepancies and differences surrounding religion and involves using common sense and commonality to get down to the basics. We are all the same and we all have the same needs. Nature is very clever and we are lucky to be here. We should appreciate and respect that by now! What divides mankind on behalf of religion is all about what people are led to believe. Belief and truth are not necessarily the same! We need to give religion a modern understanding and we need to get in tune! Religion is a manmade divide. God does not support manmade division!

What Is Religion? Religion is man's attempt at understanding and interpreting our existence and our relationship with that which we have come to know as God. Religion also tries to tell people how they should live their lives, supposedly for the better.

What Is Wrong With Religion? Religion has been used by various individuals and organisations to manipulate and gain control over people, either to make themselves feel better, to become more powerful, or for monetary gain. Much of what is expressed in religion is not the word of God but man's wrong interpretation or own opinion.

What Else Is Wrong With Religion? Religion often imposes itself on others, who are given little or no choice. Many of the opinions expressed in religion are inaccurate and conflicting with other religions, which gives rise to confusion in the world. Religion currently causes people to argue and fight, sometimes to murder.

What Else Is Wrong With Religion? Religion can cause people to feel that they have the right to dictate, persecute and mete out punishment in the name of God.

Facts About Religion...

  • There are many different religions in the world
  • None of them especially agree on everything and all have their own interpretation
  • Many different and conflicting things are said in the name of God and they can't all be right
  • Most religions have a tendency to think they are right and others wrong
  • The differences of opinion cannot all be God's opinion, they are, therefore, clearly manmade
  • There is, therefore, clearly a need for all religions to get in tune!

Religion A Problem! Many people recognize that the problems in this world can never be rectified unless we address those problems caused by religion. The following pages are designed to get beneath some of the manmade elements of existing religions to concepts more fundamental to the core of our being. These pages accept that there is perhaps something that we know as God, however, these pages also accept the fact that mankind's battle to try and understand, together with his corrupting ability to preach and pervert for his own ends, have caused many of the problems on this planet. There is a great need to use common sense and common interest to try and dispel myth and misinterpretation and correct what we must accept as fundamental errors in differing religious opinion.

Imposing And Conflicting! Not everyone will perhaps agree with what is being said, however, most should agree with the theme and theory if using common sense alone. If you disagree and you are judging with reference to your religious belief, you may well be part of the problem. God gave man common sense, he did not give man religion. Religion is man's invention and we have made rather a mess of it and caused many problems as a result. We are not talking about spirituality here, or personal belief in good or God, or any such personal relationship, but purely and simply religion and the things that people choose to believe, do, say and promote in its name. Many of which are imposing, conflicting, corrupting, dividing, oppressive and simply wrong. The truth should be the truth in every religion! Currently it is not! Belief in God should not cause problems and divide people - it should solve them and unite people! If we are not doing that, we are not doing for God!

God Not About Religion! Many people think that God is about religion. However, although religion may be about God, God is not about religion. God is actually about I.T., science and engineering. The principle components of creation and data management. The ability to exist and manage life, life form and environment, and to gather knowledge of experience. The foundation upon which all that we are and have is built. And of course, life-enjoyment. Religion, as we currently see it expressed in this world, is somewhat archaic and out of date and not in the picture at all. However, there is such a concept known as life art, which is simply the art of living, honing one's being, and getting the best out of life, and that is something else altogether! Some elements of life art are seen in the core fundamentals of some religions and doctrines, but its importance is currently obscured by a manmade mess.

Not Fair On God! Religion in this world is a multi-faceted disorganised mess, and God cannot be about mess. God is about organisation and order. That is very evident in all that we see in nature. It is serious problem that God is currently associated with the mess created by mankind's religion. That is why we need a serious rethink about what we regard as representative of and associated with God, which at the moment is hardly fair on God.

Time To Grow Up! It is time for mankind to grow up and stop clinging to ideas from the dark ages of a past world, where ignorance, superstition and manmade bias were the order of the day. There is no room in today's world for bigoted ancient views and no room for imposition, squabbling and disagreement in the name God. It is time for us to sort and settle such differences and get the record straight once and for all!

No Manmade Divide! We are all born the same. Differences in humanity are a result of our upbringing and our education. That is, the way we are programmed and indoctrinated. This includes language, traditional customs, fashion, and of course religion. No one should divide in the name of God, except God, who upon our death may decide as to whether we are worthy or not! No man should cause division in the name of God or judge and impose on behalf of God and it is wrong for us to do so, or to think we are entitled to do so! No one should be made to do anything in the name of religion. Religion is a choice, or at least it should be, according to God!

The Bare Bones
What religion should cover and what it should not cover...

Only God Knows!
If there is only one God, why are there so many different religions and different denominations within those religions and why do religions disagree on so many things? Does only God know what God really thinks...?

And God Said...
Did he really?

For God's Sake?
Is this really the word of God, or the words and thoughts of men?

Can God Be That Good?
If you ask some people why it is that they feel there is no truth in God, many will tell you that it's because of what they see other people doing in the name of religion...

What Is God?
Given that there is conscious life and that evolution is ever increasing awareness, in a universe of infinite possibilities, that which we call God could refer to a variety of concepts. Even though the real concept might currently be outside of our knowledge of experience or understanding, to totally dismiss the possibility of God's existence, in one form or another, would be naive. But, if God does exist, who or what is God?

Religion And Football
Are there lessons to be learned?

Under The Flesh Of Illusion, Lies A Skeleton Of Truth!
Science is about the way we perceive reality, religion, about the way we respond to reality - the reality we perceive, isn't always the truth, but what we believe to be the truth. There are many differing opinions, but only one truth. Bringing science and religion together will help to uncover the bones. The skeleton of truth of our existence! It is important that we get away from things that rely solely on personal faith, personal preference, archaic indoctrination and individual belief, which tend to divide and separate people into individual groups. We must deal with that which everyone can see to be the truth, and that upon which we can all agree. That which we can know and prove, and not that which we can't. Common interest and common certainty. These are the things that bind us together, and ultimately can make us realise, we are all the same and that we all have one thing in common - life. The only discrimination, and the only discernment to make, is whether you are good or bad. If you are bad, you still have time to get better! We should make use of that while we can!

Crosstalk by Taz...
Religion vs. Common Sense
Blinded By The Light

Science and Religion
There can be no truth in religion that cannot be proven in science. Some things we may not understand as yet, but in time, this must become the case! If God is a creator he is also a scientist, an engineer and a programmer. Science, engineering and I.T. are principle components of creation. Without an understanding in these areas we have no ability to control our environment or our being and therefore no means of dictating what we are or what we may become. We cannot consciously create without understanding and only when we can understand can we recognise and know for sure the truth.

The Bible
Many people naturally assume the Bible is the word of God. However, although perhaps inspired by God, the Bible was not written by God, it was written by man. It is actually, therefore, the word of man, or to be more precise, the words of men. It is not necessarily therefore the word of God or even God's opinion. It is at best man's interpretation of the word of God and at worst man's own opinion of what he thinks the word of God, or God's opinion, would or should be.

The Bible is a very old book, written at the dawn of man's understanding. Perhaps now we are approaching our noon, and can see by a brighter light, it is time to bring that understanding up to date...
Brief Bible History and Overview....

Tip Bits
Useful thoughts, idioms and points of view...

A Skeleton Of Truth
A more in depth analysis...

  •    If life can evolve to cope with such hostile environments here on Earth, making it all seem so easy, why isn't the universe teeming with life? Or is it?
  •    What motivates nature with such distinct and positive motion, allowing life to adapt and respond in a seemingly highly intelligent and positive manner to different conditions and stimulus?
  •    What suddenly caused monkey to turn into man?
  •    Who or what is God? Is mankind special? Do we have a purpose in life?
  •    How do we relate to this indefinable, incomprehensible thing or being, that so many believe in and so many don't?
  •    Why are there so many different opinions and, if this so-called God knows all the answers, as many would claim, why is the planet in such a mess?
  •    Mankind has now reached a point where his own knowledge and what he does with it can threaten or complement everything Nature has so far engineered. Is this the end? Or just another beginning?