Sex Issues

Designed to be enjoyable and the driving force behind the propagation of life, it is important that we should develop a good understanding of sex issues. In the past there has been considerable misguided interference from the church, and others, in the name of religion, resulting in various hang-ups, prejudices, misguided advice and a lack of honesty, contributing towards persecution, exploitation, abuse, and child abuse, including the gross sexual mutilation of young children.

A lot of people seem to think they know what is right and how it's meant to be, when it comes to life and sex matters. Much of this, unfortunately, has been wrongly propagated by the church and others in the name of God and religion.

There are many lessons to be learnt when it comes to sex and sexual activity and it is an area that seriously tests us and our attitudes, exposing our flaws and weaknesses. Some are exploited by others who see sexual exploitation as a means of making easy money and children are sexually abused for the personal gratification of adults. People are also bullied, badly abused and persecuted for their God-given feelings and life-style choices. Some use God as an excuse for this persecution, failing to understand that they are the ones with the problem. Some carry out the sexual mutilation of minors in the name of religion. Sexual, abuse in one form or another, is rampant and only recently have we begun to understand more how much such abuse has blighted the lives of so many. As far as persecution goes, unless there is abuse involved, the basic rule should be to let people do what they want to do. However, it seems that some cannot stop interfering in the lives of others at times. Reflected in the sad state of this planet!

Stamp Out Child Genital Mutilation
There are some things in this world that are hard to fathom, in fact grotesque and obscene. Slicing off and mutilating the clitoris and vaginal lips of young girls whilst they are screaming and being held down against their will is all of that and more. Most would agree that this kind of behaviour is both brutal and ignorant in the extreme and yet it still happens, even here in the UK. It seems we are not currently doing enough to protect those vulnerable in our society. Any form of circumcision on boys or girls, in the name of religion or otherwise, unless of course there is a sound medical reason for undertaking such a procedure, can only be seen as interfering with a minor. Mutilating a child's genitals before they are old enough to give consent, regardless of belief or religion, is child abuse in the extreme, whatever way you look at it.

Contraception - Time for Common Sense?
A call for the Catholic Church to get real and up to date where birth control and sexual protection are concerned and start actively promoting its use. In a world where there are enough children already going without because the world doesn't have the will to look after them all, unplanned pregnancies are not ideal, neither are sexually transmitted diseases. It is wholly irresponsible to discourage sexual protection, especially whilst bringing God into the equation, and in fact, we should all be encouraging the complete reverse. Religion is very screwed at times and is responsible for many of the otherwise avoidable problems in this world. That is not down to God, that is down to man and it is something that needs to change! It is also about time that we accepted that most normal people understand that sex is good fun and not something you do just to have babies. Religion of any sort should not be preventing the commonsense use of such contraception or the enjoyment of a privilege that God saw fit to give.

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Time For Religion To Grow Up!
Sexual condemnation in the name of religion is unacceptable! We have seen, and still do see, far too much bigoted condemnation and discrimination by people in religion, who claim to 'know' God's will but are in fact simply ignorant and clueless. They don't realise how screwed up they and their own religions are as they 'judge' people who are different to themselves. They have very little real understanding and zero compassion as they speak of such things and yet they think they are entitled to do so. The words and writings they relate to are in fact not the words of God but the words of equally clueless men, written a long time ago, when mankind had even more to learn than he does now. It is time for religion to grow up! And the sooner the better!

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Period Poverty!
In this day and age, why on Earth are we living in a society where people cannot afford to buy sanitary products for themselves and for their children? It is yet another ill and symptom of the rampant greed in our society supported and perpetuated by our greedy, self-interested government and friends!

Legalise Prostitution
Recognising the fact that unless we are lucky enough to do a job that we would equally and enthusiastically do for nothing, then we all prostitute ourselves to some extent. Prostitutes provide a service in response to a demand and if it is what people want to do, is an arrangement between consenting adults, and is affecting no one else, it should be nobody else's business. Some people are lucky enough to be able to say they are doing a job that they would also do for nothing if they were not being paid. Most of us work purely and simply for the money, providing a service, in one form or another, simply because we have to in order to earn money to survive. If people want to sell a sexual service in preference to cleaning lavatories, etc., because the hours are less and the money is better, why should they not? We have all felt at one time or another that it is about time that people in this world started minding their own business and stopped poking their noses into other people's lives. The view of one ex-policeman, who has had years of experience in and around London and has seen the way women are treated by pimps, is that the government should allow the existence of licensed brothels, in a similar way that other more forward thinking countries do already. It is also true to say that there should be no problem with women working independently from their home if that is what they wish to do. However, whatever way it goes, the bottom line is still the same, client or supplier, there is no freedom without the facility for an individual to choose for them self.

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