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Terrorism - What's The Problem?
Some people think they can change the world, by destroying people’s lives...

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We Don't Negotiate With Terrorists - The Error In Terror

Butt Out Britain!
Haven't we all had enough of Britain poking its nose into other people's countries and affairs around the world and making a complete mess of things? Answer, yes! For such a small country, we've certainly caused some big problems in the world. From the British Empire and colonialism, through slavery and partition, to Northern Ireland, the invasion of Iraq and the spawning of ISIS, this country has been responsible for the death, misery, exploitation and displacement of millions of human beings. Everywhere we have been we have caused problems that have reverberated long after. Of course, we're not the only ones! The sooner mankind learns to stop interfering in the lives of others and in other's countries, the sooner we may all look forward to some peace on Earth!

It's not just the UK that is bulging at the seams. Other countries are also suffering from the ramifications of an over-abundance of immigrants. People searching for a better life and perhaps a better wage. You can't blame people for that. However, in many places, especially where the relevant governments do not properly look after their own first, these additional influxes are causing resentment which leads to social tension, an increase in right wing extremism, and often violence. To prevent these problems from arising, at some point we must begin to put emphasis on helping to put things right and improve conditions in the countries that people are fleeing from. We can't invite everybody to live over here, or anywhere else, but we can improve conditions across the globe, so everyone can benefit from the modern age, not just the select countries.

Ludicrous Europe?
Many people feel that it is way past time that we got away from the 'ludicrous elements' of being associated with Europe. We see many instances in our society of people from afar making decisions and implementing rules with which the local people (who have to put up with such rules) do not agree, and have no say in the outcome. There is nothing wrong with implementing good ideas which have everyone's approval. Anything that improves life has got to be a good thing, as I'm sure most would agree. However, unfortunately this is not always seen to be the case and such 'bad' decisions just leave people feeling frustrated and lower the quality of a person's living. Nothing should be implemented which does not have the approval of the majority of people. That is the principle of a democratic system, something that still we patently have not.

A European Union? Maybe! A Common Market? Definitely Not!
Why are consumers forced to pay more for goods in the UK than others do in Europe? Why are we part of the European Community and told to abide by the rules and expect the same treatment when it suits you but do not get equal treatment in return? It is always the poor and the already hard pressed that are paying the price, those that can least afford it, while the people with all the resources have no problem at all. We know governments have to balance the books and that can't be easy, however, so do we! People in this country often have to pay through the nose, whereas things are considerably cheaper in Europe. Sometimes it seems to us as though we get all the disadvantages of being in the E.U. and none of the benefits. A European Union it may be, but a common market it is definitely not! There should be equality in Europe and people in this country should reap some advantages as well as the disadvantages.

A union is a coming together, yes, such a marriage, a family, a band, a football team, in fact any kind of team. Being part of a team means we work together, help each other, care about, and consider each other, however, we must still have personal independence and autonomy and some say in any situation. A pledge to work together and help each other is not a license for dictators from afar to interfere, impose and walk all over people with things that we find distasteful and unhelpful and in some cases positively backward.

War - Is such a good thing?
If war is not such a good thing, why do we do it?

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Idiots And Lunatics
The idiots and lunatics that take charge of this world and mess it up for the ordinary people, may think they are powerful, with their armies and their weapons, however, as we know the power of all mankind is nothing compared to that of nature. As individuals, such people can only exercise their crimes with the backing of the ordinary people, who pay the bills for the war and their weapons and provide the pawns for their armies. War actually achieves nothing except destruction, suffering and debt for the ordinary people. However, it is for the ordinary people of this world to realise this and stop giving their backing to the idiots and lunatics.
War - Some Facts and Figures