Bexley Council's 'Growth Strategy' for Slade Green

What our local authority are doing for us!

  • Over populating the area beyond capacity to cope
  • Robbing us of all our green and open space
  • Robbing us of our recreational facilities
  • Causing logistical problems with school placement
  • Compounding problems with poor traffic schemes
  • Continual ongoing disruption for residents

And now they want to make it even worse!
The prime objective? Not people, not quality of life, but money!

A Massive Loss: Bexley Council have been secretly planning to further develop large swathes of Slade Green to the further detriment of the residents and the community. We have already seen the loss of our secondary school, our playing fields, and our adult education and recreation centre, as well as all the services, sports and facilities that went with it. These included the toddlers group, community table tennis, tennis courts, football field, the gym, fitness facilities and somewhere to walk the dog. A massive loss to local residents!

Prime Motive: Bexley Council's prime motive is not the people or the welfare of the people, it is simply money. However, at what cost to the residents of Slade Green and the community that Bexley Council don't seem to care about? To achieve their planned growth strategy they have been plotting to demolish a number of people's homes. To make it sound like they have some justification they have termed the affected homes unfairly and inaccurately as 'poor quality housing'. In fact there is nothing poor quality about the affected homes at all. They are in fact a better quality build standard than the new ones.

Secretive and Underhanded: Bexley Council have been working on this scheme since 2014 and it is centred around the further extension of Crossrail. The Council have been somewhat secretive and underhanded in its development because as well as causing the kind of significant problems for people living on Slade Green as listed above, it relies on demolishing people's homes, forcing them out through compulsory purchase.

No Consideration For Residents: The information has now been leaked and made public, not by the local authority, but by Roy Hillman and volunteers at the Slade Green Forum, who managed to leaflet around 40% of residents and forced a meeting with the Council. Otherwise, nobody would have even known and the deadline for objections would have passed.

Low Priority: I have heard it said that Slade Green and the residents on Slade Green are considered low priority by the bulk of the tory councillors, who live in more affluent parts of the borough. What we have seen over the last thirty years, this scheme, the way it has been engineered and the ultimate motive, all go to underline that fact!

Comments & Observations from Roy Hillman
Initial comments and observations forwarded from Roy Hillman, the Chairman of the Slade Green Forum, on his examination of the Growth Strategy proposals by Bexley Council. Accompanying pdf files are below.

Full large scale copy of the outline map shown above, including road names

Bexley Council's Growth Strategy Public Consultation Draft

Issues pertinent to Slade Green

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