A Call to Remove Flammable Chemicals in Cigarettes

Scrap Chemicals! This will definitely save lives and property, helping to eliminate the number of accidental fires, both in the home and outdoors, caused through the dropping of lighted cigarettes. Removing these chemicals from cigarettes will also reduce the amount of unnecessary poison taken into the lungs by the smoker. These chemicals also appear to be the cause of the single most irritant in the content of cigarette smoke, causing stinging to the eyes. It is often not so much the tobacco smoke that is so offensive, but the fumes given off by such chemicals, which people object to most. Although it can be seen that the inclusion of such flammable chemicals may suit the manufacturers, it is not cost effective for the consumer when they put down a cigarette and it burns away to nothing. The following phrase is a quote from a government health and safety TV advert.... "Fires started by cigarettes kill more than any other!"

Liable For Manslaughter! Manufacturers who insist on including such flamable chemicals in their product should rightly be liable to prosecution for manslaughter in instances where it can be seen that a cigarette is the cause of a fire where people have died.