Sugar And Salt
Has society got its perspective and its emphasis a little mixed up?

Improve The NHS And Scrap The Two-Tier Health System?
How many people actually know the National Health Service is as bad as it is, and how many people only realise when it's too late? Why do we have a two tier health service in the first place, and why isn't everybody treated equally? Possibly because those that run the system and pay themselves nice fat salaries can all afford to go for private health treatment, so they're alright? Unfortunately they then are perhaps not too bothered that the bulk of the nation's two-tier health system is in an appalling state because they're all on the top tier....

No Chemicals In Cigarettes
A call to remove flammable chemicals from cigarettes so that if they are dropped or put down they will go out, rather than keep on burning. This obvious and simple move would virtually guarantee the elimination of accidental fires and therefore save lives and property, as well as wasted resources. It would also be cheaper on a smoker's already challenged pocket, in as much as if you put your cigarette in the ashtray for a minute it will still be there when you come back, instead of burning away to nothing.

GP Incompetence
Unfortunately, it is a sad fact that far too many GP's are flippant and dismissive with people's complaints, and even when such complaints are notably serious, GP's are far too often next to useless. In such instances, with a little help from the internet, patients can generally do a better job of diagnosing themselves than the doctors do. But how do you convince your doctor? It would be bad enough if we were talking about the garage mechanic and your car, however, you can always get another car, you can't say it is quite so easy with your life. If the doctor fails to diagnose correctly or take the correct course of action, because he is too busy thinking of his chequebook, or is simply negligent, it can prove to be fatal for the patient concerned. We are encouraged to put to trust in our GP's, it would be nice to think that that trust is justified. Many professional people now think that it is way past time that we had an independent body to investigate complaints about GP's and properly police the system, thereby giving sufficient protection to the patients, and sufficient warning to the GP's that they must be vigilant. After all, patient care is what it is supposed to be about, and as has been seen many times now in the past, at great cost, it is all too often, or at least can be, a life or death situation with little room error.

No Smoking
It is way past time that smoking in confined public places, such as pubs, clubs and restaurants, be outlawed in the interests of general health, consideration and comfort. Too many people now feel that a ban on smoking in public places is long overdue. Checkout the viewpoints relating to this issue... Finally implemented July 2007.

Health & Safety Gone Mad - PAT Testing
Who are the idiots that keep trying to tie the world up in knots with red tape, and what on Earth are they going to dream up next? PAT testing? Perhaps they need their own ciruits testing. We've been in the rock and roll game for years, gigging around the pubs and clubs, and on behalf of me and everyone else in the game we don't need all this nonsense! It is a completely unnecessary waste of people's time and money. Stop making life more difficult and more complicated than it already is with ridiculous legislation and go and get a proper job!