All war is wrong! All war shows we've got it wrong!

Ever since time began, mankind has been arguing and fighting over territory and spoils. This has often been stirred up by individuals who see fit to drag the common people into conflict to try and further their own selfish or egotistical ends.

Most ordinary people just want a quiet life. Warmongers and aggressors prevent us from having a quiet life, but they cannot fight wars on their own. If the common people of this planet say no more war, there will be no more war!

The stakes are much higher now, due to the development of nuclear weapons. If we let the warmongers and hatemongers carry on unchecked, we may find that we have no planet left, or that it will be so severely damaged, life will become impossible, or at least more problematic!

War is the use of ordinary people, their efforts and their monies, to fight and argue over spoils and control for the few. Ordinary people do not want war. Ordinary people do not benefit from war. It always costs the ordinary people.

People that start and support wars are either idiots or self-interested and greedy! There are no sound reasons for fighting war! It is always the ordinary people, including the women and children, that pay the cost of war.

It is in the common interest of all men that we survive on this planet and that we manage ourselves, our planet and our resources sensibly and efficiently without wasting our energies and resources on war! It is in the common interest that we don't fight, but learn to get on. Most ordinary people are more than happy to do this.

Those warmongers, hatemongers and aggressors who spoil life on this planet will not be welcome in the heavens. Those people that promote war in the name of God will be dealt with especially harshly. God does not promote war! It is a form of backward behaviour, where God becomes dog!

Trying to re-educate people who believe in war is very much like trying to train a wild dog not to be wild dog. It's not easy! The dog has got to want to change and become what it naturally is not, for in nature dogs ultimately do what dogs do! Just as dogs, men have got to learn to change, to grow up and to stop fighting over the bone! B one and put an end to war!

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