Aim: The people that cause the problems in this world are the deviants or malbeings. The aim of this programme is to try and re-educate these people to get them to understand that this is not the way to be.

Major Problem: For the majority of these people the reason they behave the way they do is because they have been programmed or indoctrinated with bad information or software. They have been unable to recognise this in themselves and therefore find it quite acceptable to behave the way they do, causing problems for others. For decent people in this world, the deviants and malbeings represent a major problem as they result in a lowering of the tone and quality of life for everyone.

Reprogramming: Re-educating or reprogramming these people is perhaps a nicer more caring way to approach the problem than locking them all up. However, it must also be made clear that people who do not want to change or make the effort to change there will be no future as deviants and malbeings are not a useful or constructive part of any decent society and they cause more problems than they are worth.