Solving Earth's Problems

Strange? Earth is a planet of great wealth, beauty and variety - an oasis in the middle of an otherwise hostile environment of space. There is only one thing that spoils it! Mankind! Mankind is a greatly paradoxical animal. He is indeed most intelligent and capable of achieving great feats of engineering and yet somehow so incredibly stupid all at the same time. He will bust a gut to save a single life, with many people becoming involved in a rescue operation or caring act of charity and yet cause or allow others to die without a second thought. Mankind can be incredibly charitable and yet incredibly selfish to the power of life over death. And we are free to choose! The fact is that as planetary inhabitants we have absolutely everything we need on this planet in order for everyone to live and be happy. Yet, when one looks around, one has to conclude that something is going drastically wrong because the planet is an utter mess and a complete disgrace to evolved life.

Money Is God: What is wrong with it? For a start, there is only one true God, and that is money. Money is the only thing that everyone appears to hold in esteem as being truly valuable and meaningful. People also seem unable to want to share resources, and exhibit an unhealthy and obsessive compulsion to try and amass as much wealth and capital as they can, regardless of whether they need it or not, and regardless of whether they are depriving others in the process. When it comes to the planet's appointed organizers, the politicians that we pay to order our lives, it appears that they are only consistent at one thing, and that is failing to deliver what the people need when they need it. War still persists all over globe because people can't negotiate their differences, they can't live and let live, they can't respect the rights of others, they want to take what others have, or they just don't care. And death resulting from man's action and inaction is all around. However, all of the problems on this planet can be overcome and there are simply just two things that we need to do in order to solve them.

Respect For Individual Choice: Firstly, and perhaps above all else, we must respect the right of a person to choose for them self in matters which only affect the individual, letting them be on their own land. Secondly, we must share available resources fairly and without allowing ourselves to be contaminated by greed. Although these two things are fundamental and quite simple for some people, mankind in general has not been able to achieve them in thousands of years. There are enough resources on this planet to look after, and cater for everyone on it. All we need to do is learn to share, and not be so greedy, and simply live and let live without imposing our will unnecessarily on others. Because, as well as being wrong, imposing our will on others causes upset and resentment and has a tendency to make people want to hit back.

No Religion: What do we do about religion? The simple solution is to take it out of the picture. For as so many people cannot agree on what is 'right' in religion, and we don't exactly need it to establish common sense anyway. Religion seems to cause more problems than it solves and is just another excuse for people to argue. If you believe in God, but don't think this is a good idea, let me say that God is about truth (so we are told), and there is no room for argument in truth, only truth. Therefore, God cannot be about argument and disagreement. Likewise, anything that causes argument and disagreement in God's name, cannot be true and cannot represent, or be about, God, but just people's misinterpretations of what is true.

No War: What do we do about war? The simple solution is to respect a person's right to choose for them self and leave people alone on their own land. No one man can fight a war. It is always the women and the children that have to pay the price of the stupidity and the folly of their men, and what is it that is so farcical about war? Simply that the people that start the war are never the ones that go and fight it. In fact they don't fight at all. They just volunteer other people!