Freewill - Choosing Right Or Wrong!

People who use their talents to harm others and do others down do not deserve to have them!

  • The giving of freewill and intellect is a privilege
  • Those people that do not respect this maybe don't deserve that privilege
  • People do many things in this world, not all of them good
  • However, we are all here to learn the difference between right and wrong
  • It is important to try and do the right thing by others in life but we all fall down at times
  • When we make mistakes we can ourselves get hurt and also cause hurt to others
  • Some of us learn from our mistakes so as to try and avoid making the same mistake twice
  • Some of us don't care and carry on regardless hurting others as we go
  • People who do wrong things and think no one is watching them should think again
  • Everything we do in life is recorded inside our being and is there for all to see
  • If you have deliberately done wrong things in life there are just two options
  • Be sorry and seek forgiveness from those you have harmed and hope that they will forgive you
  • Or don't be a part!
  • Ultimately, there is no room for wrong!