Don't Take Life for Granted

We Have It All! Because we have it all on this planet, including an abundance of materials and substances to help engineer and fuel our evolution, it is very easy to take things for granted. Some people believe this is by accident and is sheer coincidence, some think it is by design. Planetary engineering and environment modelling to engineer a suitable life platform. Whatever the case we are incredibly lucky in this world to have what we have and it should be cherished and appreciated. Read on to note just some of the things that it takes for us to be standing where we are and thus far, despite man's destructive tendencies, in relatively good shape.

Life - Coincidence? When you look at all the things that have to be right in order for us to exist on this planet, the list is quite long and rather extraordinary. Take away one item on the list and we simply would not be here. This long list of vital ingredients in the precise makeup of the Earth and our solar system are crucial to the development and existence of life on Earth. Is it precision planetary engineering or just incredible luck?

Fantastic Abilities! It is very disappointing to look around the world and see some of the things that people do with their abilities and talents. Just because you have two arms and two legs doesn't mean you have to use them to beat people up and kick the shit out of them. You could pick up a guitar or a sports' racket instead. At times, it would do us all good to sit back and think about how lucky we are to find ourselves conscious with such marvellous abilities on such a diverse and beautiful planet. What more could you ask for, except perhaps a little bit of appreciation and respect for what have and are?

Unimaginable? It is perhaps not possible for us as human beings to truly appreciate all that has gone into our makeup. The engineering involved, the accumulation of knowledge of experience, and the processing and grading of all such information is somewhat incomprehensible and unimaginable for us. Events surrounding this planet alone go back so far, and are so involved, that even the scientists spend lifetimes having their minds boggled, never mind the rest of us. However, with a little bit of effort, we can all appreciate and observe the principles of what we have and begin to realise that we are very fortunate indeed. Mankind is still an immature dickhead at the moment, but when we get past that, this wonderful world will be our certainly be our oyster.

Precision Engineering? Overlooking the extraordinary abilities that each human being is equipped with as a matter of routine, for us to be here on this planet, enjoying a relatively stable existence, extreme precision engineering on a planetary scale has been necessary. Some of the following are factors that now know have had to be precisely right in order for humanity to exist on Earth. Extreme coincidence or precision planetary engineering?

  • We are conveniently situated in a nice quiet little backwater in our galaxy, far away from blackholes, supernovae, or other problematic stars.

  • Our Sun is comparatively stable and fairly consistent. It has plenty of life left in it and is a very suitable size. Crucial ingredients for life on any planet.

  • The Earth conveniently has a very appropriate amount of water, necessary for life to exist and necessary to form the oceans, which provide food, crucial for life at this level to exist and proliferate.

  • The Earth has to orbit at exactly the right distance from the sun so as to allow water to exist in a fluid state. If the distance was not precisely correct, water would be permanently frozen, or evaporate into space. As at the poles or in the deserts.

  • The Earth has to orbit in a precise fashion in order to maintain a stable environment. Any form of overly irregular orbit would cause extreme problems and prevent life on Earth from existing.

  • Not only does the Earth have to orbit in a precise fashion but so do all the other planets in our solar system, or else they would upset the orbit of the Earth and cause extreme problems. As solar systems go, this phenomenon is strangely unusual and quite remarkable. Science now can acknowledge that the planets are not in the places you would naturally expect them be after their formation, therefore, they have moved, or been moved. But luckily for us it's all quite nicely balanced and in the right place for us and life on Earth.

  • The Earth's magnetic field has to exist in order to protect the planet from harmful radiation. The Earth's magnetic field is provided by its iron core. The magnetic field provides protection from lethal gamma rays and the like from our sun, without it, life on Earth would be bombarded and killed off by such radiation.

  • The Earth's mantle and its mobility is crucial in allowing the continental plates to move and migrate. Without this mobility we would have a geologically dead planet and would not perhaps have the necessary conditions for life.

  • The moon keeps the Earth stable at its tilt angle. Without the existence of the moon, which was created shortly after the Earth was formed, the Earth would wobble too much for us to exist. The moon came into being when the newly formed Earth was hit by another smaller body around about the size of Mars, travelling fairly slowly at precisely just the right speed and approaching at precisely just the right angle to knock off precisely just the right amount of the Earth's crust which amalgamated to form the moon.

  • Jupiter also has a crucial role in our being here as its immense gravity protects the earth by mopping up asteroids and comets that could otherwise threaten our existence. It is estimated that without the presence of Jupiter, Earth would be hit by comets and asteroids at a frequency one thousand times greater than we currently are. Coincidently, Jupiter is just the right size and in just the right place, and if it wasn't, the Earth would not be here and nor would we.

Fuel For Thought! As well as everything else being just right, it is also interesting that we have come into being at a time when our world has a bountiful supply of wood, coal, gas, and oil, ready and waiting. All extremely useful, and in fact essential, in order for us to progress and fuel our technological evolution and understanding. Coincidence, or forward planning? Just think, where would we be without them?