Common Interest

There are some things that we all have in common as a species and a life form. Things that we have in common as individuals and things that can affect everyone. This does not include things that are subjective such as individual belief, personal preference, programming or indoctrination.

All action and all inaction has ramifications and any action or lack of action can cause or allow a change which can affect us all. Ripples that radiate outwardly and that ultimately, sooner or later, can touch any one of us. Nobody is immune or excluded and sometimes there is nowhere to hide.

It is in our common interest...

  • That we recognise that this world is one being and that each of us is a single cell in that being
  • That we have a united world where people do not fight and squabble and waste resources on doing so
  • That we all get food, water and shelter
  • That we can all be productive and that we do not waste energy misplacing emphasis
  • That we do not persecute each other
  • That we share available resources and cater for everyone
  • That we research and develop things that are constructive rather than destructive
  • That we do not commit acts of aggression against one another or against our planet
  • That we spend our money on things that improve life for all people, not just some
  • That we recognize the right to freewill, individual freedom and personal autonomy for all people
  • That we live in peace and recognise the benefits of doing so