All In The Mind

Your Very Own Mind: If you take a minute to view life on our planet as one large organism, or super brain, and imagine for a moment that we could squeeze this super brain into your head and that this was in fact your very own mind...

Brain Cancer: Would you be happy that it's being polluted to death by poison and that it's life support systems (the rain forests) are being hacked away at an incredible rate? Would you worry that some of your brain cells care so little about the other cells that they go around killing each other? That in effect your brain has cancer, and this cancer is continuously erupting in particularly violent outbursts, killing off thousands and millions of your brain cells each time there is a war!

Under-Nourished And Unaware! Would it concern you that over half of your brain is under-nourished, because a small percentage of your brain cells selfishly insist on hogging the bulk of the available nourishment? Far more than they could ever possibly use or need! Would it concern you that the majority of your brain cells don't even realise that they are all a part of the same mind? Consequently they hardly ever work together, dividing themselves up, discriminating against each other, never standing a chance of exploring the real potential that your brain has to offer.

Total Mental Collapse! To cap it all, would it worry you that at any time your brain could collapse and destroy itself as a result of a massive lethal dose of explosive potential which your brain cells have amassed inside your head? You are in fact living on the verge of a total mental collapse!

A Dead Loss! If this was the situation inside your head, you wouldd be considered desperately ill and a dead loss! You probably wouldn't think there was much point in living at all! That is if you still could think!

In It Together! Fortunately, this situation is not inside your head! Unfortunately, you're inside its! For once we can well and truly say that whoever we are, wherever we're from, whether we like it or not, we have one thing in common, we're 'all' in the crap and we're in it together! If we allow it to, one way or the other, our super brain could destroy itself and all of us along with it!

Can We Change Things? Some people say that there is not much that we can actually do about things, however, most will know that this is not true! On many an occasion in our history people have achieved change for the better and we have seen many improvements since man first walked the Earth. A gradual evolution and a gradual realisation has given all of us a chance to understand what we need to do.

Together We Have The Answer! Each one of us may be just a single cell in this giant brain, but each and every one of us holds a small part of the key to our own survival. This planet belongs to the people! Not just some people, but all people. The responsibility for the way things are rests with all of us. If anyone can change it peacefully, the people can!